New regulations from the Biden Administration are set to outlaw up to 60 percent of America’s gas-powered kitchen stoves and home heating furnaces. The goal is to slowly (or quicker) eliminate the market for natural gas in America’s homes. That, in turn, would begin to destroy the market for natural gas.

Ben Lieberman, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Fox News that the new regulations are a “classic example of one size not fitting all.”

“Every home is different, every homeowner is different, and people are best off having a wide range of choices. They can work with their contractor to make the best decision for their home and their circumstances,” Lieberman said.

“The efficiency standard would effectively outlaw non-condensing furnaces, and condensing alternatives would be the only ones available,” Lieberman added. “Those are more efficient, but they cost more. And installation costs could be a big problem for some houses incompatible with condensing furnaces.”

Fox added:

Under the proposed regulations, DOE would require furnaces to achieve an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 95% by 2029, meaning manufacturers would only be allowed to sell furnaces that convert at least 95% of fuel into heat within six years. The current market standard AFUE for a residential furnace is 80%.

Because of the stringent AFUE requirements, the regulations would largely take non-condensing gas furnaces — which are generally less efficient, but cheaper — off the market. But consumers who replace their non-condensing furnace with a condensing furnace after the rule is implemented face hefty installation costs.

“There are some really technical reasons why this is such a concerning rule,” Richard Meyer, the vice president of energy markets, analysis and standards at the American Gas Association (AGA), told Fox News Digital in an interview. “It has to do with the ability for consumers to be in compliance with this new efficiency standard.”

“They’re going to have to, in many cases, install new equipment to exhaust gas out of their home. These higher efficiency units, or so-called condensing units — a lot of consumers have them in their home, but a lot of consumers don’t. So, this rule would require additional retrofits for a lot of consumers. And those retrofits can be extremely cost prohibitive.”

Fox noted that the new regulations could affect between 40 and 60 percent of gas furnaces.

Remember when the Biden government said no one was coming for America’s gas-fueled appliances?

Yeah, they lied.


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