The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Golden State Democrats are planning to travel to Georgia to swing both U.S. Senate races in that state their way during special run-off elections on Jan. 5, 2021.  But state officials are warning against schemes aimed at taking up temporary residence in the state to become registered voters. Dems to ‘Californicate’ Georgia election

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang announced on Twitter that he is “moving to Georgia” to help Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock in their bids to replace Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

As if to demonstrate how serious, and perhaps even hateful, this movement is becoming, one person identifying as “Samuel” responded to Yang with a tweet of his own that is menacing.

“Yes. For unity, we need all the power to rest in the hands of a single party so we can impose radical change and retribution. Media, social media, academia, bureaucracy, the House, The Presidency, and international orgs aren’t enough. We need the Senate to crush them into ash!”

One other warning might be found in an opinion piece appearing in the Seattle Times, in which columnist Naomi Ishisaka wrote, “Many people I love and respect say they should not have to interact with people who do not see or understand their fundamental humanity. That support for a person like (Donald) Trump is the equivalent to condoning homophobia, racism, and xenophobia.”

And then there was this: “I am not so naive as to believe that we can hold hands and kumbaya our way to progress and reconciliation. There are deep, structural changes needed — to our electoral system, to the control of the media and in many other arenas.”

What is at stake, say conservatives and especially gun owners who see a GOP-controlled Senate as the barrier to prevent Joe Biden’s extremist gun control policies, is the future of Constitutional rights, and not just the Second Amendment.

According to Fox News, “Flip the West, a California-based organization ‘dedicated to harnessing grassroots power to help Democrats take back the U.S. Senate, has filled up more than 7,500 phone bank shifts for making calls to Georgia, according to the Chronicle. Additionally, more than 16,000 volunteers have signed up to send postcards to Georgia voters reminding them to vote in the runoff election.”

Expect Georgia to be the most scrutinized special election in recent memory because the balance of Senate power is at stake.

Right now, the Senate shows a 50-48 Republican majority with the two Georgia seats on the line. If Democrats capture both seats, the Senate will be locked in a 50-50 tie and presumed Vice President Kamala Harris would cast the deciding votes on all important issues, including gun control, the economy, any treaties, and certainly any federal court appointments Biden might get to make, if he is sworn in on Jan. 20.

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Dems to ‘Californicate’ Georgia election

Dems to ‘Californicate’ Georgia election