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Once again its all the Republican’s fault.

When it comes to amnesty for illegal immigrants, the Democrats cannot blame Bush (because he tried to push amnesty through), so they are blaming the GOP. Congressman Gutierrez introduce a bill for “comprehensive immigration reform” (in other words amnesty) and uses lack of GOP bipartisanship as the reason the bill hasn’t passed.

Congressman Gutierrez’s excuse doesn’t cut it, the Democrats hold 255 of the seats in Congress, which means the bill could pass as long as 219 of those 255 Democrats voted for the bill. It looks as if Gutierrez cannot get his own party’s votes so he’s blaming the GOP.

Then Congressman Gutierrez said, “I already said it. I got 200 [Democrat votes]. What happened to bipartisanship? See, so your question is, we don’t need – and everybody kept saying, ‘Where’s bipartisanship, where’s bipartisanship?’”

Gutierrez spoke with after a July 29 press conference in which several other House Democrats expressed their support for federal Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling to halt most of Arizona’s new law against illegal immigration.

“And then this issue, they say, ‘you put all the’ – they don’t exist,” said Gutierrez. “I’ll be the first. I said that, right? I said it. I’ve said it a million times. They keep asking me, ‘If you have a majority of Democrats, why?’ I can’t do it. I failed.”

“I’m up to 200 [votes] but I got 200 — but if we could have 10 percent of the Republicans, just sit down at the table and bring the votes, we can deal with this,” he said. “But not one will show up. It’s unfortunate.”

Gutierrez can’t even get 80% of his own party and the blames the GOP.  Every recent poll says that America wants the boarder sealed BEFORE any sort of amnesty program is drafted.  Fix the border first!! Lets re-frame Gutierrez’s argument.  178 Republicans have joined 55 Democrats in a bi-partisan effort to listen to the desires of the American people.

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