I watched the news this morning is horror as Democrats came out on top in numerous 2023 elections across the nation. Virginia, the state that flipped the Governor’s seat red, is now run by Democrats in both houses. The main issue for defeat was abortion, as pro-life issues fell in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. In local races in Spokane, Washington, anti-crime Republicans backed by law enforcement were seriously behind as thousands of votes remained uncounted – even a levy to upgrade Spokane County’s aging jail lost.

Mayor Nadine Woodward in Spokane ran on a pro-law enforcement platform aimed at the uptick in crime. “We cannot allow Spokane to become Seattle,” was her statement. Her opponent, Lisa Brown, was an activist for a kinder, gentler form of law enforcement. The main issue? Woodward attended a public prayer meeting, which conservative Matt Shea also attended. It was built into a significant issue, even though she had no control over who attended the meeting. Washington views Matt Shea as a “rightwing extremist” after he was dumb enough to publish an opinion on killing those who didn’t follow Christian principles. They even kicked him out of the state legislature and had the FBI begin an investigation. Mayor Woodward ended up in that mess through no fault, but it appears to have hurt her chances of reelection.

Kim Plese, the candidate for Council President, was also endorsed by law enforcement and is behind at this writing. Her platform of standing with police seems to have fallen flat. Her opponent, Betsy Wilkerson, has repeatedly voted to block law enforcement from doing their jobs. The one bright spot is that the proposition on the ballot to remove homeless encampments from areas around schools did pass.

Of course, the final results of the elections were delayed thanks to some moron who sent envelopes with a white powdery substance to the election offices. It forced them to close for the day on Wednesday. Crime, anyone?

The proposition for a new jail was lost by a wide margin. The ads against it painted it as an unnecessary waste of money for more jail cells that were “not needed.” After the aging, Spokane County jail has been overcrowded at least 50 times over the last few years. For folks who are supposedly concerned about criminals, somebody wasn’t paying attention.

The Pro-life message in the 2023 elections

Nationwide, the pro-life message also fell flat in several races. Even though pro-abortion people really are the baby killers, the left has painted the issue as “extremist” for believing that a baby should have the right to be born. Hamas would be proud.

The pro-life cause suffered major setbacks in the 2023 off-year election, as voters in Ohio adopted a vaguely-worded constitutional amendment creating a “right” to abortion until birth and other “reproductive decisions.” Ohioans also legalized recreational marijuana, while other national bellwether states defeated a rising pro-life candidate for governor of Kentucky, elected a pro-abortion Supreme Court justice in Pennsylvania, and handed full control of Virginia’s state legislature to Democrats…

Seasoned politicians say the connecting tissue in each of these successful races is fundraising. “The big story isn’t abortion so much as it is money,” said former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R). The bottom line is that the Democratic Party is spending money on pro-abortion messaging, and demonizing pro-life politicians, while the “GOP is not matching the cash,” said Live Action founder Lila Rose. “If we want to win, the above must change.” The Washington Stand


Another media outlet noted:

“Abortion rights may not be a potent enough issue to swing an election on its own. Several GOP governors who supported new bans cruised to reelection last year, including Ohio’s Mike DeWine, Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott.

But abortion was the key issue across the country on Tuesday. And that should worry Republicans in competitive races next year.” NBC

Overall, the 2023 election was seriously mixed, with harbingers of danger ahead for Conservatives. There are few victories in a country that apparently hates God, hates babies, loves terrorists, and lives in a state of extreme selfishness and ignorance. And the “progressives” themselves are vicious toward anyone who disagrees with them. A case in point was a Republican poll greeter accosted by a nasty Democrat.

Any ideas, Conservatives?




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