Those whiny Democrats are at it again. They have come out en masse to complain about the (justified) criticism President Obama has been receiving about the attack on Northwest 253 over Detroit, and his anti-terror efforts in general.
  • Maryland Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who runs the House Democrats’ campaign operation, released a statement today accusing his GOP colleagues of politicizing the event. The lawmaker also went a step further in broadening that attack to Obama’s predecessor. “It’s simply shameful that House Republicans continue to play politics on issues of national security and terrorism especially considering they repeatedly refuse to back up their tough talk with actual votes to keep Americans safe,” 
  • Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse said: “This episode highlights that on this issue Republicans are simply hypocrites, and it proves what we have said for a long time – there is nothing – no bounds whatsoever – to what they will politicize for their own political gain.  What’s more telling is that they have no shame in doing it – inconsistency, political opportunism and hypocrisy seem to define the Republican Party and their approach to politics and policy.”
  •  MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Tuesday accused conservatives and Republicans of exploiting the foiled Christmas terror bombing for political gain and to promote torture.”Conservatives have been racing for the nearest TV camera to try to score political points off of this failed terrorist attack,” Maddow said.

Well gee, I didn’t think that Republicans were politicizing, I thought the were expressing their views.  After some research I did find some real examples of politicizing national security. Take a look at these videos (if you cant see the videos below Click Here):

  • Henry Waxman-Democratic Congressman and Creator of the House Cap and Trade bill in July 2007, on the house Floor saying the Administration, mishandled the Iraq War and has misled the people about it:
  • Chuck Schumer Democratic Party Senator in September 2007 told us that the post-surge calm in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with the surge
  • John Murtha Democratic Party Congressman and continual finalist for the “Porker of the year, earmark award” in May 2006 making false charges about American Marines for political gain.
  • Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid in April 2007 made political fodder by telling us that the Iraq War was already lost.
  • Presidential Candidate and future Commander in Chief, Senator Barack Obama in July 2008, saying the surge wasn’t working even after it became evident that it was.

You know, now that I have seen these videos, I agree with the Democrats, using the War on Islamic Terror as political fodder is disgusting. But then again so is Hypocrisy.