According to multiple sources the Democrats are insisting that any budget deal include higher federal spending. Susan Collins deal which extends spending and gives up on delaying Obamacare raises the debt ceiling and keeps the government funded through March (in short gives them everything they want) because it doesn’t restore last year’s sequester cuts.

The Collins plan  calls for funding the government for six months and increasing the federal debt limit through January, provides more flexibility in administering the federal budget cuts under sequester, calls for a two-year delay on ObamaCare’s medical device tax and requires income verification for Americans seeking subsidies for ObamaCare, but does nothing to delay the plan for the public the same way it delayed it for business.  The bill also does nothing to remove the 75% exchange cost payback to congress and their staffs no matter their income levels which were added by President Obama via executive fiat.

Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn), not a fan of the  effort to defund Obmacare now believes it is the other side who is reaching too far. He told Fox’s Chris Wallace today:

To try to change a law that was central to the President’s agenda was not something that was achievable. Delay, maybe, other kinds of delays maybe. Now the Democrats are on the verge of being one tick too cute. They now are overreaching and what we have got to do is get this back to the middle of the road, act like adults, deal with these issues. The finance ministers from around the world — this is something that’s wreaking havoc around the world and will affect economic growth and I do hope that over the next week we’ll reach a conclusion and I think we will, but, Chris, over the last 24 hours, there’s not been good productivity on this issue.

Senators of both parties believe Congress will find a
compromise in the coming days before Thursday, when the government is
expected to start running out of ways to pay its debts.

But John McCain’s mini-me, Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C. said on This Week
with Democratic Party operative George Stephanopoulos  he thinks a proposal should originate in
the House.
“I’m worried a deal will come out of the Senate
that a majority of Republicans in the House can’t support,” he said.
“I’m not going to vote for any plan that can’t get a majority of
Republicans in the House.”

Unless of course Senator McCain tells him to.

Whether or not a deal will be made before the 17th is yet to be seen as is the question of whether or not the President will prioritize our spending and pay the interest for our national debt should the debt limit not be raised in the next four days.

Its going to be a tense few days.

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