The Republican National Committee released a new ad slamming House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other Democrats for defending MS-13 gang members after President Trump called them what they are; “animals.”

MS-13 is a transnational gang which follows the motto of “kill, rape, control” by committing shocking acts of violence in an attempt to instill fear and gain control. The violent scourge has been in the news often over the last two years, thanks mostly to President Trump’s laser-focus on destroying the gang’s presence in the United States. For those who may not know, this gang has become the most feared and violent street gang in America, and they’ve infiltrated our communities mostly through illegal immigration.

President Trump has made a goal to rid the country of MS-13 and has directed the DOJ and DHS to make it a priority. But the Democrats insists that the President “talk nice” about this group who practices rape, murder, decapitation, and mutilation. Their criminal methods remind one of the terrorist group ISIS. Yet the liberals believe its wrong to call them “Animals.

“How about the fact that the Party just spent a couple of weeks attempting to defend the most violent and dangerous street gang in the world today? Why would the Democrats spend so much time defending the murderous thugs of MS-13? For one reason, politics.”


MS-13 Isn't So bad??

Democrats' Midterm Message? MS-13 killers aren’t so bad…

Posted by GOP on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Nancy Pelosi is correct on one point, we all do have the spark of divinity in us, that’s what makes us different than the animals. However, some ignore that spark and do horrible things the MS-13 members who in January 2017 were charged with killing and hacking up a teenager in Nassau County where I grew up. The butchers saw the murder as a way to boost their standing in the gang.

When one ignores the spark of divinity that makes us all human, he/she is no longer human, they are animals.

The other thing Pelosi’s statement raises is if every human being has the spark of the divinity, then shouldn’t abortion be illegal?

And if Democrats cannot comprehend that, they aren’t in touch with middle America or humanity.