The liberals are getting very restless. Why hasn’t Obama spoken out about Gaza? He should be condemning Israel or at the very least calling for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire. The Arab states are saying much the same.

But through it all the President-elect has been silent, using the old standard “we only have one President at a time.” Of course CANDIDATE Obama spoke out about the Russian invasion of Georgia, and PRESIDENT-ELECT Obama spoke out about Mumbai and the economic crisis.

Even Liberal Columnist Kristin Powers is upset. She feels that Obama has not taken the Anti-Israel stance of the people who elected him:

WHAT kind of “change” will Barack Obama offer on the Palestinian-Israeli mess? Since the conflict erupted back onto the front pages, his response has been disheartening to anti-war liberals, who overall have high hopes for the new president.

A recent Rasmussen poll found Americans split on whether Israel should have taken military action against the Palestinians: 44 percent in favor, 41 percent against. But only 31 percent of Democrats supported the use of force; 55 percent said Israel should have tried to find a diplomatic solution first…

…Then, on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rightly condemned Hamas and the killing of Israelis – but, like Pelosi, uttered not a word about the massive Palestinian casualties. Host David Gregory asked, “So you, you’re in sync with the Bush administration on this [issue]?” Reid’s answer: “Yes, I am.”

Wrong answer – for the majority of Democratic voters, anyway.

Those voters (activists, especially) will point to the latest Newsweek, where former US diplomat Aaron David Miller writes: “In 25 years of working on this issue for six secretaries of State, I can’t recall one meeting where we had a serious discussion with an Israeli prime minister about the damage that settlement activity . . . does to the peace-making process.”
Obama’s supporters have a reasonable expectation that he’ll chart a different course.

Of course Kappo Miller and, Ms. Powers forgets that there ARE NO SETTLEMENTS in GAZA. Israel totally pulled out of the area over three years ago.

This points to a much larger and more worrisome problem at least if you are a supporter of Israel. While the “Old Line” Democrats like Reid and Pelosi, may still be supporting Israel, the new “Obama Democrats” feel that an approach more favorable to the terrorist forces is not only preferable to the present approach but should be a priority. Witness the fact that they are speaking out against Obama for his lack of a stance.

Fear Not Obamamaniacs, the reason your Hero is silent is he really believes that their is only one president at a time. The President-elect disagrees with President Bush on Israel so he is remaining silent. But when he becomes President he will speak out. Unfortanatly he will be speaking out AGAINST the Jewish State.

You see, all that talk of supporting Israel that Obama gave on the stump, was nothing more than Bara-crap.