For about a month there have been protests in Israel demanding progressive-type social justice and a more equitable economy, but according to reports their exact demands were not clear, but their language certainly sounded familiar, kind of like what comes out of the Democratic Party camp in the United States. And for very good reason, the protests are AstroTurf, and planned by a prominent Democratic party strategist. 

According to an investigative report by Maariv’s Kalman Libeskind, the protests were engineered by a group of media strategists who are directed by prominent Democratic strategist Stanley Greenberg, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, John Kerry and others. Greenberg directed the strategists to create a protest that was not led by one specific group, in order to create social ferment. An unnamed left-wing leader would eventually step into this ferment and take the reins, Greenberg predicted.

The Israeli strategists reportedly include Boaz Gaon, Moshe Gaon and Eldad Yaniv, who worked in Ehud Barak’s successful race for Prime Minister in 1999, also in cooperation with Greenberg.

Press reports at around 10:00 p.m. Saturday evening estimated the total number of protesters at anywhere between 100,000 and 400,000. This would be the rough equivalent of the number of people represented by three to thirteen seats in the Knesset.  

The protesters are mostly secular people and the participation of nationalists in the summer-long protest wave has gradually lessened, as details emerge of left-wing involvement in their organization. In Jerusalem, Channel 2 reporter Dafna Liel said most of the protesters are secular people. Liel’s mother, Rachel Liel, is Director of the New Israel Fund, which has assisted the protests.

The New Israel Fund is an NGO which gives money to organizations promoting their version of peace in the Middle East including groups that completely reject the legitimacy of Israel and others that reject the Jewish nature of the country.

Its bad enough that the President and Secretary of State are trying to forge policies that will serve to destroy Israel from the outside, but now its strategists are partnering with anti-Israel organizations to destroy Israel from the inside.

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