Democratic Chris Koster, Missouri’s Attorney General who is a candidate for Governor, as well as Kentucky’s A.G. from the Democratic Party, Jack Conway (who is also running for Gov.) are both suing the EPA over Obama’s job killing Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan is the centerpiece of Obama’s Climate Action Plan announced in June 2013, and compiles with his more recent pledge to the U.N. that the U.S. will cut its carbon emissions by as much as 28 percent from 2005 levels by 2025.


The plan is a disaster on so many levels, the most important of which is that it will kill jobs With the U.S. labor participation rates already at disastrous low levels, the US economy will find it hard recover from these regulations.  On top of the loss of jobs the EPA rule is looking to replace cheap energy with more expensive alternate energy. Over all it will raise the price of energy and place an heavy burden on middle and lower economic class families.


The St Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that AG Koster is joining the more than other dozen other states suing the EPA to stop the oppressive CO2 rules. The big difference between Missouri and the others is that Koster is a Democrat, most of the other states participating in the suit are led by Republicans.
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Koster made the announcement Friday in a speech at a meeting of rural electric cooperative members in Branson. He argued that the state’s businesses rely on lower-cost energy and costs would rise under the EPA’s rules, which would shift Missouri’s heavy reliance on coal power to renewables and natural gas.“The EPA’s Clean Power rule effectively eliminates Missouri’s competitive advantage as a low energy-cost state,” Koster said according to a transcript of his speech released Friday.


However, Koster affirmed that he believed “climate change is real, and cleaner energy production is an important state goal.” But he said energy producers were already making the shift, and he cited utility-supplied numbers that say the EPA plan will cost the state $6 billion by 2030.


Koster’s position isn’t a surprise, said Dave Robertson, a political science professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.


“As long as he is really the only candidate in a strong position to get the Democratic nomination for governor, this is almost politically risk-free for him,” Robertson said.


Robertson noted the state generates roughly 80 percent of its electricity with coal and three of the largest coal companies in the country are based in the St. Louis region. The Democratic attorney general from another state where coal plays a big role, Kentucky, is also part of the legal efforts aimed at the EPA rule.

Koster’s issue is that the Clean Power Plan simply costs too much and he says,  “This [CO2 reduction] is not the top priority of voters in most parts of the country, including Missouri,” Robertson said.

The EPA/Obama plan will require that Missouri to cut CO2 emissions by 37 percent.  

Another A.G. from the Democratic Party fighting the rule is Kentucky’s Jack Conway. As reported by Politico, Conway has signed onto multiple lawsuits and petitions to stop the Clean Power Plan from taking effect. Louisville Public Radio reported in March that Conway promised if elected,  he would not continue present Gov. Beshear’s work developing a state implementation plan. Kentucky has to reduce emissions by 31% according to the plan.

Koster and Conway’s participation in the lawsuit is evidence that despite what Obama says, opposition to this job-killing rule is bi-partisan.