Guest Post by Warner Todd Huston

Throughout American history, leftists have proven far more dangerous to the lives of public officials than Americans of other ideologies and with the unhinged way the left is reacting to the impending Trump presidency one has to wonder if they are fomenting a climate where one of their brood will take up arms against our new commander-in-chief.

Since November 9 liberals have completely lost their minds over the coming era of Trump and not just in the traditional political sense. Far from just bemoaning the political ramifications of a Trump administration, the left has been doomsaying at a rate that portends dangerous emotional turmoil, so much so that it makes one fear that the hate-mongering will motivate some fully disturbed leftist to take the most horrible step to put an end to the thing liberals are proclaiming is the end of days. And it wouldn’t be the first time a liberal took that monstrous step.

After all, almost every major political assassin in U.S. history hailed from the left side of the political divide. Abraham Lincoln’s assassin was a life-long Democrat, William McKinley’s murderer was an anarco-socialist, John F, Kennedy’s killer was a communist, Robert Kennedy’s killer was a Palestinian and left-winger, Martin Luther King’s assassin was another life-long Democrat, even Arthur Bremer, the would-be assassin of George Wallace, was identified as a “dues-paying” Democrat and the wannabe killer of Gerald Ford, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, was a whack-job liberal who was mad that Ford wasn’t paying enough attention to environmental issues.


While it’s true that other political assassins or killers with a political motive were mental cases, it is also true that very few political killers in U.S. history killed because of a right of center ideology. Of course, the newest reason for such murders is Islam, and while that is another story, even that motive has no connection to the American right.

Certainly many of these sick-minded people didn’t need the urging of a wider political movement to perpetrate their terrible actions but what we are seeing displayed by the political left today after the election and Electoral College verification for Donald J. Trump is absolutely fostering just such a climate that could ease the way for some let-wing nutjob with a dark and dangerous plan.

And remember, we already had a recent Republican president liberals were hoping would be assassinated. Hollywood leftists even created a movie called “Death of a President” which portrayed the assassination of George W. Bush. It was a low-born, fantasy snuff film by liberals that caused the dark harts of liberals everywhere to soar with bitter delight.

Liberals all across the country are pushing followers to hate at the most vitriolic level. Take frequently fired ranter Keith Olbermann, for instance.

You may recall the venom spat by people such as former sports reporter turned liberal ranter Keith Olbermann when back in 2008 (and to a lesser degree 2012), people said they’d never call Barack Obama “their” president? Well, now that Trump is about to be inaugurated as our next president, Olbermann himself is doing exactly what he and his ilk once criticized by acidly demanding that fans refuse to ever call Trump “Mr. President.

Olbermann, who has been fired by nearly every news organization in America, has now been relegated to a little seen YouTube channel, but it is sponsored by meterosexual fashion magazine, GQ. Olbermann only recently started his YouTube extravaganza but does reach several thousands viewers with each episode. And in his recent screed the failed sportscaster went on yet another spittle-specked jaunt filled with name-calling and fear-mongering culminating in his warning to viewers.

Olbermann instructed his few viewers, “Never address Trump as ‘president.’ He is Trump. Just Trump. Never president. The title of president, that we must protect for a happier and more honest time.”

And as I mentioned last week, this isn’t even to mention the many Hollywood “celebrities” attacking, badmouthing, name calling, and lying about conservatives and Trump, and his voters.

In the end, it isn’t too hard to foresee one of Olbemann’s or the mentally challenged fans of any of these “celebrities” taking the hate they are being pumped full of to the extreme but logical end to which it is clearly directed, the assassination of Donald J. Trump.

This startling possibility is further raised by a recent story from McClatchy which noted that with the election of Trump, it is now liberals who are streaming to gun stores to arm themselves.

In its December 23 piece, McClatchy noted that guns sales have not slackened since November 8 and many of the customers for these guns are “non-traditional” customers, “namely, minorities, gay people and self-described liberals.”

But while it isn’t likely McClatchy understood it, there is something very dark and scary about why these liberals are arming themselves.

In its article, McClatchy noted that all during the Obama years (and indeed as many thought we’d be getting Hillary years ahead) conservatives and Republicans were arming because they feared a President Hillary would ban guns or ammunition or both. McClatchy noted that center right gun buyers were, “nervous gun rights advocates” who “reported stockpiling guns and ammunition they feared would no longer be available if the Democrat won the White House.”

But McClatchy says liberals have a far different reason to start stockpiling arms and ammunition.

“People have expressed concern that an increase in hate crimes since Trump’s election could escalate into something more violent, Smith said, and they want to be prepared,” McClatchy reported.

Do you see the major difference there? Conservatives were stockpiling for fear that their guns would be banned. On the other hand, liberals are buying guns in order to shoot people with whom they assume they disagree or to shoot people they think are “out to get them.”

Indeed, we’ve already had quite a few stories of leftists arrested for threatening to kill Trump. A man in Florida was just arrested last week for posting threats to the President-Elect. In another, more frightening case, a man in New York was apprehended after murdering a UPS driver whom the murderer still insists was Donald Trump.

Even Barack Obama has gotten into the game by doing all he can to give Trump as rocky a road as possible to start out on in January. Not only has Obama pushed a slew of illicit last-minute regulations to further destroy the U.S. economy, but he has also just seriously damaged this country’s relationship with Israel and given our Muslim enemies as much succor as possible before he leaves office.

We can only hope that liberals who are already so prone to self-indulgence, violence, and mental disorders, don’t take up what many must already believe is a sort of religious-like, holy cause to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency and to make of it a murder plot, as well.

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