Many bigots use the excuse, “I love those people–some of my best friends are….” That excuse has evolved for some self-hating Jews –they use the excuse, “I can’t be a self-hating Jew, I am a child of Holocaust Survivors.” Allow me to suggest that these people not only defame their parents but that of all victims of the Shoah.

Take for example George Soros, who himself escaped the Holocaust, who has spent much of the last few years funding left wing causes and joining with them in their hatred of Israel. He likes to blame the victim as he blames anti-semitism on Israel, the “Jewish Lobby” and of course George Bush.

Soros uses his Holocaust experience to explain his motivations:

“I grew up in Hungary, lived through fascism and the Holocaust, and then had a foretaste of communism. I learned at an early age how important it is what kind of government prevails. I chose America as my home because I value freedom and democracy, civil liberties and an open society. When I had made more money than I needed for myself and my family, I set up a foundation to promote the values and principles of a free and open society.”

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He fails to mention mention the fact that when in Hungry his job was to help the Nazis steal from the Jews.

George Soros blames all of the problems in the Middle East on Israel and AIPAC (the powerful Jewish Lobby that controls all of US foreign policy (he has called for the Democratic Party he funds to “liberate itself from AIPAC’s influence.”, writing in the New York Review of Books of April 12:

“The pro-Israel lobby has been remarkably successful in suppressing criticism.

“The current policy of not seeking a political solution but pursuing military escalation — not just an eye for an eye but roughly speaking ten Palestinian lives for every Israeli one — has reached a particularly dangerous point.” Politicians challenge it at their peril because of the lobby’s ability to influence political contributions.”

Joining Soros in his little club is DePaul Profession Norman Finkelstien who has said of his present tenure battle:

The odor of this defeat will follow me, and my academic career will be effectively terminated. I don’t want to be too dramatic, he added. I have to remember that my parents went through Majdanek [the Nazi death camp in Poland] and Auschwitz and that I will survive.

Finkelstein has frequently claimed that the Anti-Defamation League’s true purpose is to defame critics of Israel, rather than to expose and counter anti-Semitism. Ultimately, he argues, the ADL trivializes real anti-Semitism by “crying wolf” with fraudulent allegations of Holocaust denial and “New anti-Semitism”

He even wrote a book called the Holocaust Industry which argues that an “industry” has exploited the memory of the Holocaust to further Jewish and Israeli interests, and has corrupted the Jewish culture and Jewish heritage of Judaism as well as the history of the Holocaust. The only Holocaust industry I am familiar with— is HIS book.

Then there is the matter of Kenneth Roth head of the Anti-Israel Human Rights watch. Professor Gerald Steinberg head of NGO Monitor lays out the case against Roth in this article below:

Abusing the Holocaust

Gerald Steinberg, THE JERUSALEM POST Apr. 14, 2007

Kenneth Roth, the head of Human Rights Watch, opened a recent response to critics of his statements on Israel (including the author of this column) by referring to his father’s “escape” from Nazi Germany. Roth often uses this theme in addressing Jewish audiences. In a November 2004 interview with The Jerusalem Post Roth also began his defense by referring to his father’s “stories of life in Nazi Germany until he fled in summer 1938.” That interview took place after angry responses to a press conference at the American Colony Hotel, in which Roth publicized HRW’s report (“Razing Rafah”) attacking Israeli measures to stop Palestinian weapons smuggling into Gaza. The same phrases appear on Roth’s personal home page and in articles by his friends. Rosa Brooks, a former HRW employee, defended Roth in the Los Angeles Times during the fighting in Lebanon by noting that his father had “fled Nazi Germany.” And Reed Brody, who works closely with Roth at HRW and led the campaign to try Ariel Sharon in Belgium as a “war criminal,” refers to his own father’s status as a Holocaust survivor. Roth’s (and Brody’s) frequent use of this issue suggest that their parents’ relationship to the Holocaust gives them special standing and immunity to criticism. Roth states that “my personal existence is very much a product of human rights abuse,” implying he has a moral duty to campaign against such abuse whenever and wherever it takes place, and that Israel should not receive special treatment. EXCEPT THAT Israel does receive special treatment by Roth and HRW, in a negative and highly discriminatory manner. Detailed analysis of HRW’s activities by NGO Monitor, and verified independently, clearly demonstrate a highly disproportionate emphasis on allegations against Israel. During the 34-day war in Lebanon, HRW issued over 30 statements – most of which attacked Israel. Hizbullah’s illegal aggression was never mentioned, and a few words were devoted to the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. Roth and HRW are clearly using their power to target Israel. In this situation, the constant invocation of the Holocaust by Roth and his defenders is unconvincing and odious. Nazi Germany’s mass murder of the Jewish people in no way excuses or justifies HRW reports that accuse Israel of “indiscriminate strikes on civilians,” “collective punishment” and “war crimes” – the same offenses committed by the Nazis. In the Kana incident of July 2006, HRW’s report, which falsely accused Israel of killing 56 civilians in this Southern Lebanese village, was repeated around the world; by the time HRW issued a partial correction, the damage was irreversible. The experiences of Roth’s father also did not justify HRW’s attacks on Israel in 2002, when it inaccurately labeled Israeli actions to end Palestinian suicide attacks from Jenin as “war crimes,” paving the way for other NGOs, as well as in news reports and editorial cartoons, to use the same language to promote a pernicious analogy between Israel and the Nazis, particularly in Muslim countries and Europe. If a Jew and son of a Nazi victim can use such terms, then others who follow are immune to accusations of anti-Semitism. (Norman Finkelstein also uses this strategy, linking the fact that his parents are survivors to his radical anti-Israel campaigns and repugnant references to “the Holocaust industry.”) MAINTAINING a calm and emotion-free demeanor to argue the case is difficult when the memory of the Six Million murdered by the Nazis is used to bash Israel. For the vast majority of Jews who escaped or survived the Nazis and either came to Israel after the war or strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself, these comparisons are particularly offensive. One of the major lessons that others draw from the Holocaust is the need for Jews to be able to defend themselves and never again to be vulnerable to such murderous attacks.
In contrast, after again invoking his father, Roth declares “Among the lessons that I drew from his stories was that military force alone is not enough to combat the world’s evils.” Beyond the triteness of this statement (no intelligent person believes in “military force alone”), the implication, once again, is that Israel is violating the “lessons” of the Holocaust by using force to defend itself. This attempt to appropriate the “lessons of the Holocaust” has also destroyed the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, written in response to German racism and mass murder. This document has been exploited for obsessive anti-Israel campaigns, such as the NGO Forum of the infamous Durban conference on Racism in 2001 (the HRW delegation was headed by Reed Brody), and the UN Human Rights Council. Roth claims to oppose the excesses of the UNHRC, but last year he condemned Israel and the US for warning that this would be the outcome. The impact goes far beyond the fringe views of a few individuals; Roth heads a very powerful organization with an annual budget of $50 million.In addition to demonizing Israel and undermining human rights, this power furthers efforts to rewrite and distort the Holocaust. For this, there is no atonement.