A standard phrase of Ron White, one of my favorite comedians is “You can’t fix stupid.” Sometimes I wonder if he came up with that phrase because of Democratic National Committee Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  She may not be the dumbest person in congress, although she does compete with Barbara Boxer and Sheila Jackson Lee for the title, but may very well be the biggest simpleton ever to hold a leadership position in either major political party.

The latest demonstration of cerebral feebleness by the DNC Chair occurred last night during the MSNBC show of racial arsonist, “Reverend” Al Sharpton.

Her interview with the professional bigot included many new Wasserman-Schultz classics.

When discussing the voter ID laws cropping up across the nation to prevent voter fraud, Wasserman Schultz commented “you’re more likely to be hit by lightning than be a victim” of fraud. I suppose the progressive from Florida forgot about the systematic voter registration fraud waged by ACORN across the country (including her own state).

Perhaps the worst thing the DNC Chair said was at a level of incompetence rarely seen even for someone like Ms Wasserman-Schultz.  With a straight face she said, “We’ve really begun to turn the economy around.” Not a smirk or snicker, she really seemed to believe what she was saying.

That statement in itself proves that Schultz does not possess enough intelligence to read a newspaper, even one with big print. The latest economic news has been horrible. Just in the past week we have been hit with the following bad news:

  • Layoffs Way Up
  • Consumer Income lowest growth in 11 months
  • Consumer Spending first decline in 21 months
  • Durable Goods orders falling every month since April
  • Manufacturing Index major drop during the past month
  • Consumer Confidence down ten points in three months
  • Investor Confidence down seventeen points in three months
  • Gross domestic product, the best indicator of the country’s  overall economic health rose at a paltry annual rate of 1.3% in second quarter, first quarter revised downward to paltry .04%
  • Factory Orders way down

See what I mean, it is impossible for someone with a normal supply of cranial capacity to decipher that information as turning the economy around.

As a conservative, it’s nice to see the DNC Chair wandering around from TV Show to TV Show making idiotic comments about the economy. But I am more than just a political wonk, I am also a human and it pains me to see the Democratic Party sending this poor feeble woman out into the public when it is clear that she lacks the capacity to sound even reasonably intelligent. And her prospects for learning on the job are not good, because as Ron White says “You can’t fix stupid.”

If you would like to see the evidence for yourself a video of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s interview is embedded below (if you cannot see video please click here).

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