Over Two Hundred years ago Ben Franklin said “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” I would suggest that if Ben Franklin was alive today that he would add European Anti-Semitism to his list of certainties.

Anti-Semitism is still Europe’s most favorite sport. Sometimes they try to hide it under the mask of anti-Zionism (a semantical difference only) but in the end its the same hatred of the Jews that has been around ever since the Romans threw us out of Judea and renamed it Palestina. The boycotts that are going on in Britain are just part of what Chief Rabbi Sachs called a few years ago, the worst Anti-Jewish environment in England since 1938. Norway has been a nasty place for Jews for centuries. The Weisenthal Center has advised Jew to not to travel to Greece. France…..well—is France.

Israel’s Governments have long spoken out against Anti-Semitism in the world. Remember when Sharon caused and international incident by with his speech about the hatred in France? Sharon pissed off the Chiraq government by suggesting that French Jews move to Israel to protect themselves.

To date Olmert has been silent on the growing Jew hatred in Europe. (In his defense it hard to see the European Anti-Semitism with your head stuck so far up your butt). According to this YNet report things may be changing a bit:

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Long trail of anti-Semitism in Europe, ministers say Government concerned over planned UK academic boycott. ‘Phenomenon may spread, as British architects are considering a similar move,’ says Immigrant Absorption Minister Boim. Social Affairs Minister Herzog: International community should join Israel in its struggle against anti-Semitism The British academic boycott is only the tip of the iceberg, ministers estimated Sunday morning during the weekly cabinet meeting, addressing the calls in the United Kingdom to boycott Israeli academics and institutions and Israeli commerce. “There is a long trail of anti-Semitism in Europe, which includes one-sided articles and anti-Semitic harassment, topped by the torching of the synagogue in Switzerland. This is a great challenge for the Israeli government to deal with,” Social Affairs Minister Isaac Herzog said. According to Herzog, there is an active Muslim minority in Britain, as well as anti-Semitic attitudes which must be dealt with. “Israel must fight this, and the entire international community should take part in the effort,” he added. Immigrant Absorption Minister Ze’ev Boim, who returned from London over the weekend, said that “the phenomenon demands concern, and although at the moment we are only talking about the United Kingdom’s University and College Union, we must look at the broader picture because we are already hearing about additional organizations, such as the British architects’ organization which is considering a similar move. This phenomenon may spread.” Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai said that “the anti-Semitic phenomenon is concerning and unfortunate. I plan to initiate a discussion between various ministries regarding the implications and our options in terms of industry and trade against this worrying phenomenon.” Meanwhile, Kadima ministers have decided to look into the possibility of incorporating American academics in the struggle against the UCU’s boycott of Israel. In a meeting the ministers held before the cabinet meeting, it was decided that Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni would lead the governmental activity against on the matter.