Guest Post By Tami Jackson

Last Thursday, July 7, 2016, I was thunderstruck as I turned on the news. I had been working all day — as a writer and editor, have Fox News on constantly. But for once I had taken a break from the steady outpouring of news. I turned it on at 8PM PT for one last look for breaking stories. I didn’t expect to see the yellow “Alert” banner and ticker tape and live video of a shooting in Dallas.

As more and more details surfaced I began to feel nauseated, and to pray, “Dear Lord, help those policemen! Help their loved ones. Oh God wrap your arms of love and protection around all those hurting people!” Even now tears come easily. The sheer evil and wrongness of anyone targeting those who pledge their very lives to protect citizens is an anathema.

The tragedy was worsened as the President and the Attorney General weighed in, their so-called words of comfort thinly veiled politicizing, advancing the disarming of citizens and innuendo of LE racism. Their words were not a balm to aching hearts; their words amplified the pain.

I am praying for the people of Dallas. I am praying for Law Enforcement everywhere. Millions of Americans, like me, disagree with the President and the AG: we honor the service performed day in and day out by policemen, sheriffs, and others. We thank God for you. And we pray God will comfort all of the families of the fallen.

This video was brought to my attention by a dear friend who served for 41 years in Law Enforcement. The simple video is moving and true and should go viral.

Because this video, Dear Officer I See You, unlike calloused words of our D.C. politicians, is the perfect vehicle, the perfect tone and perfect sentiment.

Please CLICK HERE To See the full post and watch the heart-warming video at “Saving Our Future.”