It seems that anti-gun demagogue David Hogg needs a refresher in basic American history before he ships out to Harvard.  Responding to President Trump’s Oval Office address on immigration and border security, Hogg implied that the United States is illegitimate and made up of “stolen land.” He received a well-deserved kick in the butt from the Twitterverse.

“Reminder: No one is illegal on stolen land,” he opined on Twitter.

Hogg’s acolytes naturally agreed, illustrating their ignorance of history as well, but many people took exception to his short and uninformed missive.

According to the Washington Times, the first response to Hogg came from a Twitter user named “Kelz,” who informed Hogg that, “It’s past your bedtime little one.”

“We don’t deserve his genius. No, really. We don’t deserve it. We haven’t done anything to deserve it,” Twitchy sarcastically said.

Here’s just a small sampling of the criticism hurled at Hogg:


Is he going to Harvard or Hartford? Either way, the kid likes to say dumb things in public.



PLEASE, David, listen to Myiq2xu–get outta here!



I guess it is Harvard.  Did they have less than a dozen applicants this year, so they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel and accept Hogg?



Well, he acts stupid and says stupid things. So little girl the answer is yes.




How can you not believe Elmo? He lives on Sesame Street for Pete’s sake.

Much of America agrees with Randy Jackson

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