David Corn, Mother Joneshypocritical Washington reporter once again practicing his unique brand of duplicity as he bashed Ted Cruz for the clients he had as an attorney.  But when one samples the sanctimonious Corn’s earlier forays into speciousness fodder for progressives one will discover he has attacked conservatives for attacking the client base of liberals.

Corn’s attack on Cruz begins:

In his bio on his presidential campaign website, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) boasts of what he did as Texas solicitor general to defend the Second Amendment, the Pledge of Allegiance, and US sovereignty—all conservative causes. But Cruz does not detail another important chapter in his legal career: his work as a well-paid private attorney who helped corporations found guilty of wrongdoing.

Yep the horrible fact is that he became a Senator Ted Cruz worked for a living. No wonder why the progressive Corn objects, liberals prefer when people depend on government handouts for a living.  But lets take a look at what Corn wrote in similar situations.

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In 2010 Liz Cheney said that some people in the Justice Dept. including AG Eric Holder couldn’t be trusted to prosecute terrorists because they acted as defense attorneys for terrorists. Corn was interviewed by Lawrence O’ Donnell on MSNBC and said Ms. Cheney’s comments “crossed the line.”

They find it offensive to common decency. … This is a clear case when Liz Cheney has crossed the line. … I think it really took a Cheney to cook up this kooky crusade that is really offending everybody except a small circle. … It really is an extrapolation of the Dick Cheney view…that Constitutional rights really don’t matter.

Now we understand Mr. Corn meant constitutional right don’t matter for conservatives.

Corn didn’t only attack Liz Cheney for the attack on the Justice Department, but in other commentaries he went after Bill Kristol

Now that Liz Cheney is being slammed by her fellow Republicans and conservatives—Ken Starr, Ted Olson, John Bellinger III, and more—for having mounted a vicious attack on lawyers who performed pro bono work for suspected terrorist detainees, Bill Kristol, her partner-in-slime, is trying to wiggle his way out of the controversy. … It isn’t subtle. Keep America Safe is not in this for the sake of transparency. The group was angling to kick-start a witch hunt.

…and an anonymous email:

This whole situation is, of course, ridiculous. The main line of attack is fatally flawed. No one wants to “defend terrorists.” The people in the Obama DOJ who once fought the Bush administration on detainee issues were defending terrorist suspects—people who had been accused by the government of planning committing terrorist acts.

And during a 2012 attack on Andrew McCarthy for saying the Obama administration had terrorist sympathies..he raised the DOJ attorneys issue again:

“There is something terribly wrong if members of Congress were not asking questions about Islamist influence in our government,” McCarthy told the largely sympathetic audience at the National Press Club. “Islamophobia is a term that was manufactured by the Muslim Brotherhood precisely for the purpose of browbeating people into silence about the activities and threat posed by Islamic supremacism.”

This isn’t the first time McCarthy has used the credibility he’s earned as a former prosecutor to lend legitimacy to nutty accusations. In September of 2009, McCarthy alleged that “terrorist sympathizers” had “assumed positions throughout the Obama administration.” By “terrorist sympathizers,” McCarthy meant Obama administration lawyers who had represented Gitmo detainees or challenged Bush-era war on terror policies the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional.

But why would one expect Corn to be consistent in his attacks. We are talking about the man who doctored transcripts of secretly taped statements by Mitch McConnell and earlier a statement made by Mitt Romney. And while he released those secret tapes as scandals the duplicitous DC reporter had a field day attacking Bush’s warrantless wiretap program because secretly taping Americans is only bad when it’s done by a conservative.