WARNING:  According to Dave Weigel, This Image of Hate From Occupy LA May Have Been Placed in Our Minds by GOP Mind Control Operatives

Jews across the country who were frightened by those anti-Semites at the Occupy Wall Street protests can all relax now, because the Slate’s Dave Weigel says it’s all safe. According to Weigel OWS isn’t really anti-Semitic and/or anti-Israel it’s all just a Republican plot. Although he doesn’t say it, the implications are clear. The GOP has mind control experts who have the know-how to cause Americans to see things that aren’t there.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the RNC and NRCC tried their damnedest to argue that Occupiers are inhabiting anti-Semites. The crown jewel of the effort is one of those videos that makes liberal use of shaky video and pounding music.

There is a problem: The movement isn’t anti-Semitic. It started in New York. Its ideological hero is Naomi Klein. This is a movement studded with liberal Jews! Here’s one video that’s gotten less play than the one of the irate anti-Semitic dipshit with the “Nazi bankers” sign: The Kol Nidre in New York, at the Occupy camp.

Is it just totally nuts to worry about anti-Semitism here? Well, no. This is a protest against the banking industry. The chairman of the Fed is Jewish. The president of Goldman Sachs is Jewish. The Secretary of the Treasury is Jewish. If “anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools,” there’s a hell of a risk that people could get foolish about this.

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See? Dave Weigel who is Jewish (please note correction below), is so calming you wouldn’t know he is a bit off the mark on just a few key points.

  • “It started in New York” What does that mean? Is that Dave’s version of Jesse Jackson’s calling the “Big Apple” Hymie Town? Sure, if it started in New York it must be pro-Jewish.  I guess Weigel forgot Al Sharpton got his start in NY, where he incited two anti-Semitic Pogroms, one in Crown Heights, the other in Harlem. “It started in NY” didn’t work in that case.
  • “Its ideological hero is Naomi Klein” Oh thank God! She’s a Jew, that makes me feel so much better.  That Dave Weigel really knows how to calm people down.

Naomi Klein is the perfect person to be the OWS ideological hero, she has been attacking capitalism and corporations for her entire career. Less known is the fact that, Klein has another ideological similarity to the OWS protests, she has been demonizing Israel for almost as long as she has been demonizing capitalism.

It’s not just that she disagrees with Israeli policy but she demonizes and tries to de-legitimize the Jewish state. She uses that age-old blood libel and invents Israeli atrocities. “[Some Jews] even think we get one get-away-with-genocide-free-card.”

In her book The Shock Doctrine Klein explains that Israel is run by a vast military-industrial complex who purposely perpetuates war against the Palestinians so they can develop and more importantly sell, new weapons on the world-wide market.

Only a person who was very, very picky would say the ideological hero of the Occupy protests has a problem with Jews just because she makes false accusations about the Jewish State being war-mongering money- hungry fiends. None of that should really matter because as Klein says, “I’m a Jew by the way,” and according to Dave Weigel that makes everything hunky-dory.

  • The one of the irate anti-Semitic dipshit with the “Nazi bankers” sign” Here I agree with Dave, that guy is a dipshit. So were all of the other anti-Semitic “dipshits” who happen to show up at these rallies. The Teacher in LA who thought Zionist Jews should be driven out of the country was a dipshit, so was that large chunk of the Occupy Chicago protesters who joined the hate Israel rally.
Dave showed a video about my Congressman, Steve Israel in the article. Israel, who supported the anti-Israel organization J-Street, and as of the 2010 election, was still taking campaign donations from a man who served time for illegally supplying weapons to Iran is also a dipshit (but not an anti-Semitic one). However, the DNCC chair is not a dipshit for supporting the anti-Semitic Occupy protests because Dave says it’s not really there, its just a figment of our imaginations placed in our heads by some GOP mind-control operative (those naughty Republicans).

The video Dave showed really upset Congressman Israel, he said people are trying to question his commitment to his religion. If I were to do that I would publish the records from the Synagogue of which I am a member. When Congressman Israel left our Shul he blessed us by not paying more than a thousand dollars that he owed us. Eventually a Democratic Party Activist who was also a congregant paid the bill to cover up the scandal.

There are some dipshits that Dave missed, like many of the founders of the Occupy protest take Adbusters for instance, an organization that regularly describes Jews and the Jewish State in the most offensive of terms, or Occupy DC founder Kevin Zeese who in his campaign for Senator of Maryland claimed that the Jews control the government. The October 2011 also one of the OWS founders an alliance of 164 organizations, many of them fall into the dipshit Antisemitism category.

  • The Kol Nidre in New York” Weigel proves that OWS is Jew-friendly with a video of the Kol Nidre celebration at the OWS home camp. Except it doesn’t look like any Kol Nidre service I had ever seen. It’s more like an Israeli Dancing class. Dancing and celebration is a major part of most Jewish Holidays, but not Yom Kippur. On that day Jews are told to avoid food and other physical pleasures because we are deep in prayer trying to gain forgiveness.

Having a pseudo-Jewish celebration does not mitigate the OWS Antisemitism and Israel bashing. Heck, Media Matters for America Senior Fellow M.J. Rosenberg celebrates the Jewish holidays but in between those celebrations he spreads anti-Semitic memes such as the Jews control the government and the media.

One more thing about Yom Kippur, if Dave could tear himself away from worrying about those even Republican mind control experts and study his own faith, he might realize that the class warfare, reliance on the government, and calls for handouts promoted by OWS are in direct opposition to the meaning of the High Holy Days. Or maybe he does realize that, but those mind control experts are clouding his judgement.

After reading Dave’s article, all  Jewish Americans should feel much better.  After all except for, well, just about every point he made, Weigel proved his case that the claims of Occupy Wall Street Antisemitism is nothing but a Republican plot. I tip my Kippah (yalmukah) to Dave Weigel.

Two Non-Jews With Jewish Sounding Names

Oh, one more thing, I know how we Jews like to think that everyone in the world is Jewish, but somebody tell Dave that Turbo Tax Tim Geithner is not Jewish he was raised Episcopalian. Before Dave steps in it some more, allow me to explain that Bruce Springsteen isn’t Jewish, neither is former NY Mets first basemen Mike Jacobs, the late Rev. Fr. Bernard Klein, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, Palin family stalker Levi Johnson  and  former CNN Anchor Bernard Shaw. On the other hand Ivanka Trump is Jewish (but “The Donald isn’t).

Finally while Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak is Jewish, President Barack Obama is not. The President says he is a Christian and quite frankly,  I believe him and will continue to believe him unless those GOP mind control operatives get to me also.

Correction: I misread one of the article’s I used in my investigation Dave Weigel is not Jewish (he was talking about someone else being Jewish), and since this article came out he issued a correction about Turbo-Tax Tim being Jewish.

In a way finding out that he is not Jewish makes his article even worse.  When I wrote it, I simply believed Weigel to be a Progressive Libertarian Jew trying to cover up for a liberal movement. Now he is simply a Progressive Libertarian, downplaying Antisemitism because he doesn’t and never could understand it. 

According to a friend of Weigel’s who tweeted me,  He’s a Methodist of German-Catholic extraction. Dave before you decide whether something is Antisemitic or not perhaps you can deal with the people in the Methodist Church who are not very comfortable with Jews or Israel.