During CPAC I had the chance to do a quick interview Dana Loesch. Dana is the editor of a blog about family called Mamalogues as well as political issue oriented blog Besides homeschooling her kids, Dana hosts a radio show,The Dana Show, on KFTK 97.1 FM Talk. Her show is #1 in its market. She is a founder of the St. Louis Tea party group and a co-host of PJTV’s new Tea Party TV.

Dana is the type of person who know what she wants and usually gets it. On her Dana Show blog she describes her career this way;

I began blogging around 2001 in various forms and am the younger, Conservative Alternative to Washington and Jefferson City Beltway types. I like sushi, digital photography, dry humor, southern gothic, and if you don’t have anything nice to say come sit by me. Use Safari, Explorer sucks…Right now this is a one-sided discourse, maybe that will change, but I seriously doubt it will in the foreseeable future. If you’ve a question I’ve an email address but just know that I may ignore any debate-y emails because I’m lazy and don’t give a damn. I reserve the right to do whatever I wish with any correspondence sent to me.

After meeting and researching Dana I don’t believe that she is being entirely honest. She is certainly not lazy and inside that “tough exterior” she very much does gives a damn. Her new gig on PJTV’s Tea Party television is more than just another step in a quickly burgeoning career, but a mission to give the Tea Party participants a human face. This is how she described Tea Party TV:

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The Tea Party movement is so prolific, I’ve never seen any kind of activism like this ever. This is the biggest conservative movement in our history, especially in this generation. I think it needed to be showcased because there are so many interesting individuals in this. This isn’t the regular “Oh here’s so and so politician.” The Tea Party Movement isn’t a regular beltway, establishment kind of thing, these are regular everyday kind of people, each one their own fascinating story. The whole idea of the Tea Party and how it came together by itself is fascinating. So Tea Party TV is a response to that, its about showcasing all the people involved in this grass roots uprising.

I would also like to do some humorous stories, because humor is a very important element. For example, because you hear that Tea Party organizers are funded by the GOP or some shadow group, one of the things I look forward to doing is follow a Tea Party Organizer, just to watch and see if they go to the their mailboxes to see if they get that big check from “shadow group A” or “puppet master B.”

Its going to be a mash up of Tea Party News and profiles on different people and different things within the movement that are interesting.

I asked her about the libel being published in the MSM about the Tea Party Movement, calling participants skin-heads, right wing extremest etc.

They are doing that to invalidate the Tea Party Movement because they can’t argue on merit. The opposition and many liberals will not approach the movement arguing about the issues. It makes me wonder, either they don’t have a good grasp of the actual issues, or they know that we are right and this is all about winning for an ideology and this isn’t about doing what’s best for the country. So they do that Just to invalidate the movement.

Dana’s passion for the Tea Party movement for both its issues and for the individuals who make it successful, radiates from her when she describes her new PJTV project. That passion will help her make Tea Party TV an enjoyable and informative, must watch.

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