After last night, CNN’s Piers Morgan must realize there are some things that are more dangerous than (what he calls) a military-style assault weapon, that is debating Dana Loesch.  On his show he attempted to debate Dana as well as Scottie Hughes of the Tea Party network. The two women turned the left-wing Morgan into a slobbering pile of steaming televised protoplasm. At the end he even admits that Dana’s spirited debate points made him sick.

On and on the CNN host went, leaving straw-dogs where-ever he could, should people be able to own a tank? Should people be able to own nuclear weapons?  Piers should be asking the more personal question, “How come I am not allowed to own a brain?

Below is the 17 minute debate in two parts—its worth a look. BTW Dana did make one mistake, watch the videos and see if you can find it—the answer is at the bottom of the post (if you cannot see the videos click here)

Dana’s Mistake? In the first video she says there are no assault unicorns, but there are:

And even one with a tank:

I rest my case!