There is an old story about a little Jewish boy who tries to join the local Boy Scout pack but it turned away because he is too young. He comes home and tells his mom, “I am not old enough for the boy scouts, I can’t join the girl scouts, so I am going to run away from home and join the American Nazi Party.”  Well this makes the mom angry so she sends the boy to his room with the admonition “Just wait until your father gets home!” An hour later dad comes into the boy’s bedroom and asks what the problem is, the boy says  “I am not old enough for the boy scouts, I can’t join the girl scouts,
so I am going to run away from home and join the American Nazi Party.”
Well this angers dad who takes the boy over his knee and gives him a spanking. The boy gets up and through his tears says, ” I have only been a Nazi for an hour and Already I hate you Dammed Jews.”

Sometimes I feel that way about conservatives. The mainstream media tries to portray us as extremists because we believe in the constitution. The media and Congressional democrats try to portray us as Racists for saying words like Chicago and food stamps. Even some left of center Republicans join in on the extremist chant. Just yesterday I heard one TV commentator say the reason there was no deal on the sequester is those extremist House tea partiers elected in 2010.

Since his election day victory, the President has been out on the road Bashing the conservatives for not compromising (even before there was a chance to compromise).  Its almost getting to the point where I am beginning to hate those damned conservatives also!

The only member of the fourth estate that has even questioned this liberal behavior was Bob Woodward and even Woodward has only done it on one issue–the sequester.

We begin day three of the Sequester Apocalypse with the sun still rising from the east, there has been no fire and brimstone coming down from the sky, no rivers and seas boiling, the dead haven’t started rising from their graves, suburban families haven’t begun sacrificing their children nor have the lions begun to sleep with the sheep.

Perhaps now the media can ask some objective questions such as Mr. President how do expect the GOP to compromise when you spend all your time going around the country trashing them?  Who exactly should they compromise to?  Mr. President you say you have a plan to avoid the sequester, why isn’t it being debated in the Senate your party controls the senate?  Mr. President why did you agree to the sequester being 100% budget cuts, and now that you have been reelected move the goal posts?  Mr. President If the sequester cuts are so poorly planned why did you threaten to veto a bill which would have allowed you to choose where the cuts were made? And my favorite, Mr. President when the House sticks with the agreement they made with you last year (the sequester being all about cuts–no taxes) and you refuse to negotiate with them on that basis—isn’t it YOU who is refusing to compromise?

You know, I feel better now, maybe I don’t hate myself and my fellow conservatives for trying to do what’s best for America.  I know I am not a racist, nor to I hate women. The money taken from the military pales in comparison to the $400+billion Obama cut from defense the year prior to the sequester.  Conservatives are ready to negotiate with the President based on the deal he made with him –that the tiny (2% of total Federal budget) move to close our deficit come from cuts, rather than additional revenue.

Maybe it isn’t the conservatives who are being hateful. Perhaps it’s time for the media to do its job? Perhaps it’s time for the President of the United States to stop traveling America just to trash fellow Americans who care about this country. Certainly that would leave time for him to lead and for him to generate some sort of compromise.