In a few short weeks Hillary Clinton will be eliminated from contention for the Democratic nomination, and I for one will be very upset about it. While many of my liberal friends think that Senator Obama is the Messiah, most of my conservative friends feel that Hillary is the anti-Christ. I am not sure about that but I would have preferred that the Republican party had a hand in bringing down the Clinton dynasty, rather than the democratic party committing Clint-o-cide.
I am sorry if that seems mean, but I have always felt that Hillary was more problematic than her husband. The way she carpet-bagged herself into the NY Senate seat. She showed her lack of honor by saying that she was always a Yankee fan (any baseball fan will understand how disgusting that is, throwing her Cubbies under the bus). Because she needed NY’s Jewish vote she switched from being pro-Palestinian to pro Israel on a dime.

Beyond that, she treated her nomination as an entitlement. She ran as if she was the incumbent even though her only real experience was her health plan, which failed for the same reason her campaign did—there was no plan B. When she entered the campaign all the polls had her ahead, but the same polls said that even the Democrats would vote for her holding their nose. Why then is anybody surprised that at the first chance, her party would leap off her bandwagon, the same way she leaped off the wagon of her baseball team.

I am actually sorry that Hillary won’t be the nominee. I would have loved to see her go down to defeat in the general election, at the hands of the Republican Party. She would have been much easier to defeat than Obama, the great Muslim hope. Hillary had programs, Obama is like a poltergeist–you see him and hear him but he has no substance.

It was ten years ago that the Clinton’s complained of the vast right wing conspiracy. Too bad she was booted by the left-wing conspiracy before she had a chance to really see us in action.