Sounding callous as usual  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo dismissed questions regarding a nursing home scandal in his state, saying “nobody” can be prosecuted for those coronavirus deaths because “older people … are going to die from this crisis.” Cuomo, the far-left governor of NY State, who shares a brain with his brother Chris, is a media darling held up as an example of how to handle the pandemic, despite that he issued an order directing nursing homes to take in patients that had the highly contagious coronavirus that would have otherwise been sent to Hospitals.

Nursing homes cannot deny “readmission or admission sole based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19” the order from March 25th reads.

Cuomo failed to reverse this directive for six weeks.

It was a curious move, to say the least, considering the most vulnerable population has been the elderly. This particular action contributed to over 5,400 known deaths in New York nursing homes at this time.

“What would you say to families who have suffered losses inside nursing homes?” one reporter asked the Democrat governor. “And they’re looking for accountability. And they’d like to see justice.”

‘People Are Going to Die’

In an incredibly cold and callous reply, Cuomo snapped at the reporter for asking about grieving families seeking justice, insisting “nobody” would be prosecuted for the nursing home deaths.

“What is justice? Who can we prosecute for those deaths? Nobody. Nobody,” he rationalized. “Mother nature? God? Where did this virus come from? People are going to die by this virus.”

One could reasonably point the finger at the Governor himself. reports that “New York policy allowed nursing homes to accept positive Covid-19 patients back into nursing homes, some of which were not routinely testing staff and residents.”

Allowed? No mandated.

Shrugs Off Older People Dying

Cuomo went on to defend his actions by saying he was trying to keep the hospital systems from being overwhelmed, a prediction that never came to fruition.

“Nobody was deprived of a bed or medical coverage in any way,” he insisted. “And still people died. Still, people died. Older people, vulnerable people are going to die from this virus. That is going to happen despite whatever you do,” he continued. He left out the part about forcing them into nursing homes with a lack of doctor and medical equipment to handle a rash of China Virus cases will make more of them die.

Cuomo added, “Because, with all our progress as a society, we can’t keep everyone alive.”

Imagine if Trump Had Said This

The media went on a full-on blitzkrieg when President Trump and GOP lawmakers began suggesting the economy should be opened back up in America. They were accused of wanting to see senior citizens die.

Don’t believe us? Here’s MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough accusing Republicans seeking to rescue the American economy of wanting to “euthanize” senior citizens.


Where is Scarborough today regarding Cuomo’s blossoming scandal? Where is Mika Brzezinski nodding along with him in agreement, calling it “insanity”?

The New York Post explains Cuomo’s deadly actions and suggests people won’t speak up because they fear repercussions from the Governor:

Nursing-home executives, meanwhile, complain privately that Cuomo should have known his mandate would be a killer, but they were never consulted and got no notice before being swamped with infected patients. As one owner put it, long-time residents began “dropping like flies” soon afterward.

These same executives will not go public with their complaints because they fear Cuomo will punish them with fines and take their licenses.

Last week, conservative actor James Woods lambasted Cuomo over the nursing home scandal, spreading the hashtag #KillerCuomo.

“#KillerCuomo ruthlessly seeded vulnerable nursing homes with virus-ridden COVID19 carriers,” he wrote. “He undoubtedly would have catapulted plague-ridden corpses over castle walls during the Black Death and done so without moral compunction.”

The Post, meanwhile, suggests: “All the more reason why federal officials with nothing to fear must step in and find the facts. A designated US attorney … could use a grand jury to demand answers about why so many elderly people were put in harm’s way despite the warnings and simple common sense.”

Let them decide who is or isn’t prosecuted. Not Cuomo.

Much of this post was first seen at Mental Recession