CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon are notorious for mocking folks who support President Trump. People who actually try and live decent lives without the need for massive government interference, usually painting them up to be white supremacists of one sort or another. Cuomo and Lemon mock whites

And the pair are up to their usual tricks again. The two went on a rather lengthy rant against white people and then singled out Christians and “Christian privilege” along with the typical bashing of Trump supporters.

Per the  Daily Wire:

Declaring that “America has a problem with race,” Cuomo and Lemon blasted critics of Marxist critical race theory as supposedly being frightened by a “boogeyman” and accused President Trump of “scaring white people” for his political advantage, because “scaring white people works.”

The two claimed poor white people are being “pitted against” people of color by rich white people and being played for a “sucker.”

“They’re playing for a sucker,” Cuomo said of lower-class white people. “They’re playing for a sucker,” Lemon agreed. “You are the  mark to the con that is going on.”

So are Cuomo and Lemon saying that minorities don’t care about riots near their homes? That would be racist. I contend that all people, no matter their skin pigment or ethnic background, care about keeping their families safe from crime and riots.

The two of them then went on to single out Christians.

“If you are a Christian, there is a privilege in society because we prioritize Christianity.”

Again, the question millions of Americans have is where is this prioritizing being done? We’ve seen a noticeable decline in the influence of Christianity on the overall values our country supports. In fact, being a Christian gets you mocked relentlessly and labeled a racist, a bigot, and everything else. It’s almost as bad as the hate one gets when they are Jewish.

“So, this whole idea about there is no privilege in society for white people. That’s bulls***. There is a privilege,” Lemon ranted. “If you are a Christian, there is a privilege in the society because we prioritize Christianity even though we’re supposed to be a country that believes in freedom of religion. … But yet, what do we do? We demonize Muslims. We demonize Islam. We demonize anybody who is pretty much not a Christian or even if you don’t believe in religion.”

They then went on to say that white Trump supporters are terrified of “kooky left and crazy blacks burning down their neighborhoods.”

I think, given the riots that have been on the nightly news for months now, that fearing the destruction of your neighborhood by left-wing radicals by people of all backgrounds is pretty reasonable.

One important note: As outlined in this site before, Chris Cuomo and his brother Andrew who is the governor of New York, share one brain. However, the same day Chris shared his idiocy with Don Lemon, Andrew was blaming President Trump for the China virus coming to New York.

They both were stupid the same day, which makes me worry that someone took their shared brain.  The most likely suspect Marty Feldman, couldn’t have stolen it,  Feldman passed away almost forty years ago.

Below is a video of the Lemon-Cuomo conversation.

Parts of this post were first seen at Flag and Cross.

Cuomo and Lemon mock whites