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In a special emergency session called expressly for this purpose, yesterday the UN Human Rights Council (Its full name is the Council for Human Rights for Terrorists but not for Jews in Israel or Christians in Darfur) said it deplored the “grave violations” being committed by Israel in Gaza, and demanded that the week-long siege of the strip be lifted. (see UN Human Rights Council’s list of APPROVED Gaza Solutions)

Testifying at the meeting was UN Watch’s Executive Director Hillel Neuer. As usual Neuer was the voice of reason, pointing out the lack of logic in the committee’s deliberations:

Mr. President, the resolution before us constitutes a classic case of such projection. It is, after all, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the other Palestinian terrorist organizations, who deliberately fire rockets—over 200 in the past week alone—at innocent civilians in Sderot and other Israeli towns. It is they who attack from populated areas, using their fellow Palestinians as human shields. It is they who reject the very notion of a distinction between combatants and civilians.

Israel, like the rest of the civilized world, does the opposite. In exercising its right and obligation under international law to defend its citizens from such attacks, Israel risks the lives of its own soldiers to avoid harming civilians. To Israel, causing a civilian casualty is an unintended tragedy; to Hamas, it is a cause for celebration. The world knows this.

The video of his full statement is below:

Council member Cuba, a MAJOR human rights violator, replied to Neuer by calling UN Watch a CIA/Mossad Plot:

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. You know, usually, Cuba doesn’t exercise its rights of reply for non-governmental organizations. We appreciate their interventions in the Council as we did before in the Commission, even when they have views different from ours. If I am responding now, I am exercising this right to answer something which is the antithesis of a non-governmental organization.

I am referring to UN Watch and the executive director, Mr. Neuer. I must say, he produced a Hollywood-type display, speaking to this Council and ambassadors and delegates. Human… UN Watch is a lucrative organization amply funded by the CIA and Mossad, which is devoted to denigrating certain member states and this Council. He told us, that Israel and his own organization are within the so-called “civilized world”… This implied that this special session is in the world of the barbarians. But I don’t know anything greater than the acts of barbarians than are taking place in Gaza — dark hospitals, people without water, and other things that UN Watch and his executive director haven’t talked about.

I won’t take any more time talking about this false organization, whose voice I have never heard criticizing the concentration camps in Guantanamo. I will simply wait for them calmly in New York, where in the NGOs meeting where they will have to render accounts. And we will see what to do with their consultative status.

Thank you.

Once again the UN proves what a silly useless organization it is. The organization just serves as a platform for Anti-American and Anti-Israel countries to spew their disgusting rhetoric. US Dollars are better off spent elsewhere. Read the entire story by clicking here

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