The name of the game for research scientists is research grants.  The way you advance up the ranks and receive notoriety is to be awarded new grants (they also pay many of the bills). Over the past few years Professor Phil Jones has received more than 13 million British Pounds in research grants (the equivalent of $22.5 million). Which gives Professor Jones strong a incentive to make sure those global temperature numbers keep rising.

The figure is disclosed in a leaked, internal document posted on the internet by climate change sceptics who have seized upon it as evidence of a funding “gravy train” for scientists conducting research into the area.

The money is largely for research into the effects of global warming and is in addition to the main government education grant awarded to the university.

The spreadsheet listing all successful grant applications made by Professor Jones was part of the batch of leaked documents. It shows Professor Jones, along with other academics at the university, received more than 50 separate grants with a value of £13.7 million from a number of funding bodies including the European Union, Nato, and the US department of energy. Several British bodies also gave substantial sums including the Met Office, the Environment Agency, the National Rivers Authority and the Department for the Environment.

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Prof Jones’ name appears alongside all the grants, which range in value from as little as £730 for work carried out on Scottish temperature indices for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency to £6.6 million given by the Higher Education Funding Council for England for the establishment of the Zuckerman Institute for Connective Environmental Research at UEA, an award wining research facility which includes the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change.

According to the spreadsheet, Prof Jones’s first successful grant application was made in 1991 to the Department of Environment and was worth £179,484 for ‘climate change detection’.

Other grants appear more obscure such as a European Union grant for £42,464 for a project entitled: “Assessing the impact of future climatic change on the water resources and the hydrology of the Rio de la Plata Basin.”

Several grants, totalling more than £3 million, are made by the National Environment Research Council, a quango based in Swindon. They include research for “Exploring the potential for dendroclimatological analysis in Northern Ethiopia” which was worth £18,639.

Besides Prof Jones, many of the leading academics – past and present at CRU – are also named on the spreadsheet, including Prof Trevor Davies, who is now pro-vice-chancellor at UEA but who once headed up the CRU.

Professor Ross McKitrick, visiting professor of environmental economics at the University of Buckingham and an arch sceptic who was subject of some of the leaked emails, said: “Climate sceptics are always accused of taking money from industry but it is now clear the money is on the other side.  

“There is a huge amount of money on the global warming side. Institutions like the CRU have a very large budget but that would disappear if global warming ceased to exist.

Like Professor Jones, Al Gore has made a fine income from the global warming hoax. He is founder and chairman of the Alliance for Climate Protection. The group acts as a venture capital company for “green start-ups.” Venure capitalists never take a salary, Gore will make his money when he sells the interest in a start-up. Not that Gore isn’t making any money on the his green effort. The Alliance pays all-expenses for his worldwide trips on his private carbon burning airplane, taking to speaking events where he makes $175,000 on average. He has to be making the cash somewhere, reports are that his net worth is now $100 million, when it was put at $2 million when he left politics.

Climate-gate deniers ask what motivation would anybody have to fake the effects that  man has on climate change?  Little by little the answers are coming out….MONEY!!