Leave it to Joe Biden to make an ordinary activity into something incredibly uncomfortable.

President Biden voted early in Delaware this weekend and brought along his 18-year-old granddaughter Natalie Biden to vote for the first time.

U.S. President Joe Biden cast an early vote in the crucial Nov. 8 midterm elections on Saturday, joined by his granddaughter Natalie, a first-time voter, and said he would visit more states in coming days to help Democrats fight for every possible vote.
Source: Reuters

Natalie is the eldest daughter of Joe’s late son Beau Biden.

“Pop-Pop” Joe was there to show Natalie the ropes.

First up, show your id to the poll workers who uphold white supremacy or something like that by following the “Jim Eagle” Voter I.D. requirements in Delaware.

After complying with the horrible, racist practice of showing their I.D., they receive and cast their ballots and then get their “I voted” sticker.

That’s when it got creepy. Biden put the sticker on his granddaughter’s chest and left his hand there as he gave her a kiss.

This is not okay.

But then, we should expect uncomfortable moments like this from Joe.

Earlier this month, he was creepily handsy with a girl at a campaign event and told the visibly uncomfortable teen, “No serious guys ’til you’re 30.”


It’s the same line he’s used with young girls for years.

Biden has been creepy for a long, long time.

Check out this compilation by The Daily Caller of Creepy Joe.


And yet… no one in the Regime Media will say a word about it unless it’s “Republicans Pounce” on the video clip.

Can we all just agree that it’s pretty effing creepy?

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