Creepy Biden Rolls Out Another False Story About His Life While the Media Ignores It All

Joe Biden has rolled out yet another lie about his life that the media is dutifully ignoring because — as usual — it makes him look both creepy and mentally deranged.

During last weekend’s White House Easter Egg Roll event, the president and his wife spoke to the Today Show and at one point in the interview, host Al Roker asked about Biden’s favorite memory about his days in the White House.

“What are your favorite memories in the White House?” Roker asked not realizing that he just stepped into a mine field.

Biden’s reply was both creepy and strange.

“Our kids jumping in bed with us – our grandkids, when they’re down here. They’re sneaking up and jumping in bed with us. That’s my favorite memory,” he blurted out.

“They love it. They love wandering through the halls. There’s two floors upstairs, a lot of bedrooms, the private residence and they just love coming down,” Biden strangely added.

First of all, with Biden’s creepy history as a pedo-like weirdo, this is all bad enough.

But the claim itself, even if innocent, is also problematic.

Why? Because almost all of Biden’s grandchildren are older teenagers or grownups. And only one of his two small grandchildren has ever even visited the White House.

Here are the Biden’s grandchildren and their ages:
Naomi 30
Finnegan 23
Maisy 22
Natalie 20
Robert Hunter 17
Navy Roberts 5
Beau Jr. 4

Beau Jr. is the only small grandchild that the Biden’s have ever hosted at the White House. Heck, until last year, loving grandpa Joe never even recognized Navy Roberts as his grandchild!

So, if his “grandchildren” are “jumping onto bed with him” at the White House… that would be awfully strange.

So, what we have learned from this odd Biden story is that… he is lying. It simply never happened.

And the media is ignoring it all.

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