This morning Stephanie Cutter spokesperson for  the campaign to reelect the President (CREEP) told Jake Tapper this morning that she didn’t know the story of the fake cancer death story depicted in Obama’s SuperPac despite the fact that she hosted a press conference call on the subject on May 14 where Joe Soptic told his lie to Cutter and the press (if you cannot see video below please
 click here)

The White House and CREEP have been trying to distance themselves from Joe’s disgusting lie:

Her statement this morning was a flat out lie to reporters, viewers, and to every voter in America, but it wasn’t her only lie.

This this morning, she told CNN that”it is a complete distortion to say that the president is taking anything away from the seniors,” Last Sunday she was on Face the Nation calling $716 billion in Medicare cuts to pay for Obamacare an “achievement.”

Cutter wasn’t done,  on the same CNN appearance she tried to convince the American people that it was fine that Obama hasn’t had a news conference in two months because he’s sat down for interviews with Entertainment Tonight and People magazine.

The only question left is “Can’t anyone in the Obama Administration or the Committee to Reelect the President (CREEP) tell the truth?” So far the answer is no.