Sometimes its hard to cover a story when you become the story.  Leaving the press area to explore, I found a tall African-American fellow/With a Camera Crew (Named Greg Thrasher) berating a young woman. At first I believed she was as CPAC Staffer, but having met her two days later I now know she is a twenty year old law student (and Judging by her intelligence probably a very good one).

 HOW MANY BLACK PEOPLE ARE HERE, he was shouting. The poor young lady was backed into an alcove as he continued.  You say you are trying to do outreach to minority community–HOW MANY BLACK PEOPLE ARE HERE!

Reacting more with anti-bully instincts than reporting ones, I screamed back at Thrasher, who writes at a liberal blog called Plane Ideas.

“Have you gone inside? There are plenty of black people here. In fact, I am doing volunteer work for a group here at CPAC which is run by a black guy.

How Many, he replied

The discussion was getting louder.

“I didn’t count them.  They are all Americans..that’s all that matters!  How many Jews inside”  was my reply. “How many Hispanics and Irishmen are here.  Why didn’t you count them?”

I may have put him back on his heels because he responded, “I am a black Jew”

Well, Tsu gezunt fellow yid! That’s when security came and tried to shepherd the bully and his film crew out.

Mr. Thrasher was not at CPAC to learn about what people were doing there, he came with pre-conceived ideas..he didn’t even look inside…he showed and looked for someone to bully. Like most bullies he picked on someone weaker than he was, a woman who’s job at CPAC was to give directions, to show people where the bathrooms were and ask guests if they needed anything.

CPAC is not about ethnicity or race.  When one submits their application for media credentials no picture is required.  For the conference guests…all that is needed is filling out a form and paying the money…there is no questions about Race, Religion or favorite flavor of Ice Cream.  It is a conference for ALL Americans who believe in a conservative political ideology.

Mr. Thrasher nothing but a bigoted bully.

While returning to the Media area a while later  I passed the berated Young Woman once again, which rekindled the anger I had over Mr. Thrasher’s bullying.

  I came up to a toned-down Mr. Thrasher was still pontificating-I confronted him again…afterward Javier Manjerres editor of The Shark Tank questioned Thrasher.

The video of the second confrontation and the interview is below. When you watch the video pay close attention to the background and notice all the African-American CPAC attendees walking by:

Epilogue: Mr. Thrasher and I had a two months long email conversation and I believe I understand him much better now, and he understands me much better.  The argument turned out to be a good thing.