Welcome to CPAC…

The atmosphere seems different, while last year’s CPAC seemed more like a “buck it up and get out of the doldrums” conference, this year it is more of a “Keep it up and get ready for 2012.”  Unfortunately the “ronulins”  one of the nicknames for the crazy Ronulins were out in numbers, and did their best to disturb the conference.

The Conference began with Michele Backmann.  Her speech had the crowd standing on its feet (and I don’t mean to get coffee).  Her attacks on the progressive policies of the administration brought constant cheers to the crowd. I was really impressed at how the quality of her delivery improved from last year’s convention.

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A last minute surprise to the program was “The Donald” Donald Trump.  The highlight of his talk was when he told the crowd the truth about Ron Paul, that he is Not Electable–The absolute truth. What he neglected to mention was that Trump also has no chance of being electable.

The Trump talk woke up the Ronulins, as they started attacking later speakers Former VP, Dick Cheney and former  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.  When they came out with screams of War Criminal and as is the case of many of the Ron Paul Nuts they were also screaming “Sheckels”  a reference to the Bogus Antisemitic Ron Paul claim that Israel control’s our foreign policy and  got the US into Iraq war. Two of Paulnuts got tossed.

Thankfully the Ronulins were a very small part of the crowd….. More on CPAC later.

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