According to CBS News there is something weird going on in Libya. Its been two weeks since four Americans were killed by Islamist terrorists, and the investigation on the ground hasn’t yet begun. On CBS this morning we learned from reporter Margaret Brennan that reporters can trounce through the crime scene all they want, because the FBI hasn’t been to the scene yet.

I am no CSI, but I do know that when a crime scene is not secured evidence gets lost.  What does the State Department say about all this?  Who knows because they refuse to answer questions.

“What we know is that the State Department won’t answer any questions about that attack. What happened there they say is off limits because it’s an intelligence matter, according to the FBI. The FBI isn’t even in Benghazi yet. They haven’t secured that site, which is how journalists can wander through.”

From this angle it seems as if there is a cover-up going on.   Why isn’t the FBI there investigating, and why won’t the State Department explain?  They claim their silence is due to national security issues.  Methinks the national security issue they are talking about involves reelecting their Boss, Barack Obama.