Jan. 10: National Day of Emergency Mass Action
Regional Mass March & Rally in Los Angeles
Stop the U.S./Israeli War on Palestine! Let Gaza Live!

Saturday, January 10, 12 noon
Westwood Federal Building
11000 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles (at Veteran)
Click here for map and directions

You can mention my name, Shane Borgess, and my email address, shaneborgess@yahoo.com. 

I’m a staunch Israel supporter, always have been.  It’s not because Israel is a small country dwarfed in number and hatred by her enemies surrounding her (I’ve never been so foolish as to base morality on an argument of proportion [see Sarkozi]), but for reasons far deeper.  Though I’m a Catholic, I see in my Jewish friends a religious tradition and wisdom that was the foundation of my faith and the moral foundation of Western culture.  Anyone with eyes to see must recognize that Israel and her enemies offer starkly different visions of the future.  Israel has proven her loyalty to liberal traditions and the love of life.  Hamas, Fatah and their enablers throughout the world only promise a medieval existence and an unquenched thirst for murder in Allah’s name.  We here in America live well and in safety, and that’s because we know what our priorities must be if we treasure peace and human dignity.  One of those priorities must be that we stand up to support publicly those values that secure freedom.  Getting up off the couch and standing in support of Israel now is the least we can do for a people and a religion that has given the world so much.  Meet me in Los Angeles – it’s time to step forward and show the world where we stand