Below is the continuation of your top 50-stories of 2012…Numbers 20–11:

#20 Barbra Streisand Suffering From Massive Brain Injury September 19, 2012

Being offline during the Rosh Hashana holiday there was plenty of
reading to catch up on beginning with sundown last night.  I ran across
one item that was so outrageous it was incredible that no one had picked
up on it.  Sadly Barbra Streisand, one of the most incredible singing
voices of our time had suffered some sort of massive brain injury or
horrible brain disease.  There was no announcement, nothing in the
entertainment blogs.  However a feature in yesterday’s Huffington Post penned
by Ms. Streisand was so void of truth, facts and logic that it is very
clear the poor woman is suffering from some horrible malady. In the piece called Obama vs. Romney: A Clear Choice the Aging Star wrote things she could have only picked up from some sort of delusions
19.Oklahoma Oil Town to Protest Hypocritical Obama Visit March 21, 2012 With recent polls indicating that Americans feel the President is not doing enough to bring down energy prices, Obama has gone on the offensive.Tomorrow President Obama plans to bring his “I don’t have anything to do with high gas prices” tour to the rural town of Cushing Oklahoma (population 8,731). Feeling his visit is a bit disingenuous, some folks in Payne County (where Cushing is located) plan to protest the Presidential appearance.

Major Republican donor (and boogeyman to the left-wing) Sheldon Adelson
and his wife have each given $250,000 to a new independent super PAC
called the Patriot Prosperity PAC created to help elect New Jersey Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to Congress. According to the Wall Street Journal:

“I treasure the Adelsons’ support. They are among the most generous
and sophisticated political donors in the country,” said Mr. Boteach in a
statement through his spokesman. The Adelsons previously have given
directly to Mr. Boteach’s campaign. The $500,000 donation to the new
super PAC “is a game-changer, and I suspect there will be many more like
it,” said Rabbi Boteach.

A half-million dollars is a huge sum to donate to a congressional
campaign. It not only reflects Adelson’s confidence in the Rabbi as a
future congressman but also his confidence in the Republican’s ability
to win the election. But Shame on NORPAC which tried to sabotage Rabbi Schmuley’s Campaign.

17. Ten Most Blatant Examples of Biased Reporting of The Republican National Convention August 31,2012  When the press questioned the Obama commercial accusing
Mitt Romney of causing the death of a steelworker’s wife, I really
believed there was hope for the media. After reading the
accounts/watching the coverage of the Republican National Coverage that
hope faded.

The mainstream media returned to their 2008 form desperately trying to
prop up the floundering campaign of president, inventing their own
slanted interpretations of what was said and done in Tampa. This post reviewed
my picks for the most blatant examples of bias during the convention

16. Dear Whoopi Goldberg: Haven’t We Suffered Enough?

October 19, 2012 I have a request for Whoopi Goldberg.  I wish that she would go back to
using her birth name Caryn Johnson, at least the Johnson part. Because
of her adopted last name, some people may think she may be Jewish. To
be perfectly honest there is enough Antisemitism in the world without
people ascribing her statements to Jews. (Proving she was a good sport—Whoopi re-tweeted this post)

DNC Chair Rep Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is not the sharpest crayon in
the box, in fact she is not the sharpest crayon in the dull crayon box.
But her time on today’s Fox News Sunday will go into the dumb politician
hall of fame. She was lead into a logic trap by host Chris Wallace and
can almost see smoke come out of her ears from her overworked
underdeveloped brain as she attempted to free herself.

At issue was her criticism of GOP Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. 
According to Ms Schultz, as CEO of Bain Capital, Romney was responsible
for layoffs made by companies which received Bain investment dollars.
Following that logic Wallace asked Schultz if the CEO of the United
States, President Obama was responsible for the layoffs at Solyndra

14. Megyn Kelly in GQ HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! November 19, 2010 Dang! You guys are pigs sometimes. This two+ year old post had been getting a few hits a week all year…then on day last month—-BAM, a few thousand visits in one hour…and the traffic kept coming all day.  There was no specific Megyn Kelly news story that day…so I still don’t understand.

Yasser would be so proud!

Today the UN is expected to complete the journey it began in November 1974 when it invited a mass-murderer from Egypt to speak in its General Assembly. At the time Yasser Arafat said he brought with him an olive branch of peace, and a gun. To the day he died, Arafat turned down every opportunity to use the olive branch but never skipped a chance to use the gun.

It didn’t matter because by the time his hate-ravaged body gave out, the terrorist organization he led— the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) had already taught the world Arafat’s lesson—which was, “terrorism is a legitimate form of political expression.” 

12. THE JEWISH STAR ENDORSES MITT ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT November 4, 2012 I couldn’t have done better if I wrote it myself….Wait a second…I did write it myself. The Long Island Jewish Star is Influential paper in the Orthodox Jewish Community. I am their political columnist.
Post number 12 is and endorsement of Mitt Romney, penned by yours truly, which appeared in their latest edition, under the title The New Jewicide.
11. Biden Staff Trying to CENSOR Pool Press Reports August 16, 2012  As he began his stump speech in North Canton today, Paul Ryan took a shot at Vice President Joe Biden’s latest gaffe.

“It is great to be here in North Canton, or as Joe Biden might say, it’s great to be here in Nevada,” 

Earlier this week the SCHMOTUS mistakenly told a crowd in Danville, Va.,
that they could help President Obama win North Carolina in November.
Not as big a deal as the Romney/Ryan ticket wants to put ya’ll in chains
gaffe but it is another log on the mistake fire.

Biden has a well-documented habit of saying the wrong thing. Sometimes
its kind of cute like the famous “this is a big F***ing deal,” other
times its nasty such as the chains comment, and then there are the
gaffes that make you wonder if his “headlights are on dim.”

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