The most corrupt member of congress is at it again…

Guest post by Philip Hodges

“I just left Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, and they were just talking about the things we were doing for 40 years, [and] we’re right back where we started. But you know, it’s amazing. It’s really amazing, that at this point in time when we have a president that looks like the slaves that they brought over here, when we had a black mayor, when we have a black attorney general, where state legislators all over are beginning to become of color, we got white folks now that are prepared on the brink of destroying the whole damn country, including the Supreme Court. And so instead of just fighting for equality and human rights and justice, we have to fight to save this damn country that has abused us over these years.”

It’s unclear exactly what he’s talking about regarding “white folks” trying to destroy the country, including the Supreme Court. We have a very diverse Supreme Court that includes women and minorities. Despite our having a man of color holding the office of presidency who had vowed to improve race relations, race relations have plummeted during his tenure. Is that the fault of “white folks?”

The Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project was started by The Reverend Jesse L. Jackson in 1997 on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, January 15th. Its focus is on encouraging businesses – particularly large corporations – to hire more minorities. Here are some of their stated goals according to their website:

  • Provide more business opportunities for minority and women-owned companies on Wall Street and throughout the financial services industry
  • Improve hiring, promotion and retention practices
  • Name more minorities to corporate boards
  • Allocate more capital to minority companies
  • Promote intra-trade relationships among diverse businesses
  • Increase funding for educational scholarships, and voter registration education
  • Increase financial literacy in minority and/or underserved communities through the work of the One Thousand Churches Connected program

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