You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of donations and cronyism, buf of an unsounc mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of socialism,  Your next stop, the Ocasio Cortez Zone

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been coming face-to-face with angry voters in her district, and we’re here for it.

She doesn’t seem to like it very much… but isn’t that the point of protests?

It’s important to hold elected officials accountable and remind them why you’ve sent them to Washington to represent you.

At a recent event, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the former bartender who vowed to take a stand in Washington for the “little guy” after campaigning as a grassroots progressive, faced several protesters criticizing her for selling out to the Military-Industrial Complex.

More on “Sandy Pelosi” selling out her constituents in favor of the continued war in Ukraine here:

AOC held a Listening Forum Event at the Boys & Girls Club in Astoria, Queens, and it went just as well as the one held last week.

It’s unclear what exactly set off the protesters. Still, it appears that she was talking about LGBTQ+ community housing when some constituents got angry and said it was discrimination against straight people struggling to get by.

The protesters brought up a number of issues that they feel she has failed to address — rising crime in NYC, government COVID mandates, and her embrace of radical gender theory, among other things.

At one point, the protesters chanted, “AOC has got to go,” with a bongo drum, and she started dancing to it.


A clearly frustrated AOC slipped into a Puerto Rican accent to try to quell the protesters.

She sounds like she’s auditioning for a role in the already-released “West Side Story” remake.

Maybe she was just “code-switching,” like when she slipped into a “blackcent” when speaking to the National Action Network, a civil rights organization founded by Al Sharpton in 1991.

Is there a more inauthentic member of Congress that committed to her “grassroots” constituents? She also lectured the protesters… who yelled right back at her.


Here’s a longer video of the chaos.



While she did have a lot of supporters, the protesters were unflinching.

Sandy Cortez represents Queens, and she’s become a Swamp Creature… did she expect that her constituents would take that in stride?

They’re taking that internet meme, “become ungovernable,” to heart, and Ms. “Knock down the House” isn’t liking it very much.

Oh, well.

These are the tactics of her side of the political aisle, and she is now getting to see what it’s like being on the receiving end of them. It’s not so much fun, is it?

This will continue until both sides agree to have reasonable discussions and debates. Until then, it’s pointless for one side to unilaterally disarm.

Good luck at the next town hall, AOC! It looks like you’ll need it!

Much of this post were first seen at Clash Daily