By Joe Newby and Jeff Dunetz

Some things couldn’t have happened to a nicer idiot. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who every day proves that you can feel bad for someone who lacks intelligence, and you can feel bad for someone who is nasty, but there is nothing to feel but contempt for someone who is both stupid and nasty, has proven it again. The head of hatred in the House, tried to repeat her made-up impeachment story (Trump colluded with Russia to get Exxon access to Russian oil, but didn’t get away with it this time.

On Monday, Josh Caplan, editor-in-chief of Vessel News, posted a video to Twitter of a conversation between Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and a Trump-supporting constituent who wanted to know why she is so obsessed with impeaching the president.

Waters responded with a string of mostly fact-free talking points and conspiracies, including one in which she claimed Trump and Putin are working to bring America down over oil.

Here’s a partial transcript posted by the Gateway Pundit:

Constituent: “Well I just want to talk about your representation in Washington and our President as well.

Waters: “I can’t stand him! He’s the most horrible man I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Constituent: “I love my President.”

Waters: “I’m glad you do! Your President is a dishonorable, lying man. He mocked a journalist. I’ve never seen a grown man do that! He talked about grabbing women by the private parts. He’s lies everyday. He’s in bed with Putin and the Russians about oil! And everybody around him are allies with the Kremlin and with the Oligarchs of Russia. They’re gonna take us down!”

The unidentified constituent, however, made it clear to Waters that she would “work every day to make sure that [Trump] isn’t impeached and that” Waters is.

The California Democrat responded by saying that a congresswoman can’t be impeached, which is true, although she can be censured, kicked out of Congress or voted out, which is what should have happened when she got caught using federal funds helping her Husbands bank.

Here’s the tweet with the video:

Parts of this post were originally seen at ConservativeFiringLine