Just to be honest–before you read any further, I need to remind you that I am a Conservative Jew. Probably less for theology (my friend Chaim calls me a “Closet Ortho”) an more because my Shul is a wonderful community, I feel comfortable to daven in my shul, it is indeed my Home. But there are conservative shuls that do not feel as comfortable going to.
For those who have been reading this blog for a long time..you know that I have had problems with the conservative movement for it lack of consistency especially in matter of Halacha but reading this shows that they are not being Honest with themselves either
Italicized parts below are from: Conservatives: The Rabbinate failed (ynet)

On the second day of the Conservative Movement’s conference, more criticism of Orthodox leaders is heard. ‘The Rabbinate no longer educates; it lost touch with the public,’ panelists say

Well gee –in a recent AJC poll almost 60% of American Jews believe that Jerusalem should NOT Be Divided…the Conservative Movement has rejected this position even though many of its Rabbis feel that Jerusalem is the UNDIVIDED Capital of Israel..so who is out of touch? BTW 80% of American Jews believe that the Arabs do not want to “end occupation” they want to destroy Israel.

Participants at the Masorti (Conservative) conference in Ramat Gan, continued to target the Orthodox institutions: “The Chief Rabbinate in Israel is the most flawed in the Jewish people’s history,” said Prof. Rabbi Hanan Alexander, chair of the Department of Education at the University of Haifa.

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FLAWED? Anybody read the conservative ruling on Homosexuality…now that is flawed. One ruling three directions.

‘This convention carries a message about freedom of religion in Israel and the abolition of the Orthodox monopoly,’ says movement’s chairman.

If you want to “break the monopoly” get more members. If you want more members have a point of view other than being all things to all people. The “big tent” strategy is no strategy.

Prof. Alexander also addressed the Reforms: “Theirs is not a pluralistic approach. They say that members can choose their individual path, but in reality they require people adhere to a single set of predetermined principles.”

Its Called a POINT OF VIEW, that is why it is the Jewish Movement in America

At the conclusion of the panel, Chair of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement, Moshe Cohen said “it is time the Masorti Movement’s voice be heard –in the local arena and as a rising political force. We ask the government and the Knesset to recognize us.”

Folks that is the major problem with Conservative Jewry, it has no voice…no point of view. This has been the problem since I was a child.. almost 40 years since my Bar Mitzvah, as an organization it refuses to acknowledge the problem.