Fresh off of last week’s very controversial list of worst Americans in History picked by conservative bloggers (myself included). John Hawkins of Right Wing News stirred up the pot again by asking us to pick the Greatest Americans in History.

We were asked to make a list of  anywhere from 1-20 selections. Our selections were not ranked.  The Final Poll’s Rank was determined by the number of votes each person received. Before you go to Right Wing News and see the entire list, let me show you my list of twenty:

Abraham Lincoln 
Alexander Hamilton 
Andrew Carnegie 
Babe Ruth 
Ben Franklin 
Frederick Douglass 
George Patton 
George Washington 
James Madison 
Jim Thorpe 
John Adams 
Jonas Salk 
Martin Luther King Jr 
Ronald Reagan 
Sam Adams 
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
Thomas Edison
Thomas Jefferson 
Thomas Payne 
Ulysses S Grant


You will notice that I did not limit my answers to politicians.
Some people might question the exclusion of Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford.  Both were giants but both were also horrible anti-Semites.  If I could add a few more I probably would have included John D. Rockefeller and Elvis. I did not include Einstein because his greatest achievement (The Theory of Relativity) was made as a citizen of another country.  
Some may question Jonas Salk, but his vaccine saved a millions and their descendants. Others may question Babe Ruth, but he really turned baseball into Americas game, or Jim Thorpe who was arguably the greatest athlete in American history.
OK Now that you have seen my answers, Go To Right Wing News and see the aggregated results.