Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is the type of politician who gives sleazy a bad name. When we was running for the senate he claimed that he served in Vietnam. The truth was the closest he came to Vietnam
was walking past a Vietnamese take-out restaurant last time he was in

Then after the election Blumenthal claimed he was right in the middle of the Roe vs
Wade decision which was written by Blackmun in 1973.

“I’m new to the Senate but I’m not new to this battle. Since
the days of Roe v. Wade, when I clerked for Justice Blackmun, as a
state legislator, as attorney general, I have fought this battle.”

problem is, Blumenthal clerked for Supreme Court Justice Harry
Blackmun in 1974, the year after Blackmun wrote Roe v. Wade decision–
in 1973 Blumenthal was busy not being in Vietnam.

But impersonating a war hero and lying about helping to write a judicial decision that killed over 50 million babies was just practice, Blumenthal has reached a new low in tastelessness.

As reported in the New Haven Register he is using Sandy Hook to raise money for his reelection campaign:

“In the wake of the horror of the December 14, 2012, massacre of 20 beautiful children and 6 dedicated educators,” Blumenthal is asking supporters to send money to his 2016 re-election campaign!

“As your senator, I will continue fighting for the rights of all the people, not the special interests. But I need your help,” Blumenthal wrote in an email to supporters Thursday morning. “Please contribute $5 now as the Senate debate continues on common-sense gun reform legislation this week.”

Constant fundraising and the recent trend of fundraising off real-time reaction to the news of the moment have officially jumped the shark, courtesy of Blumenthal’s tasteless auto-appeal.

Senators are elected every six years in part to give them some time to legislate without an eye on the next campaign. But the campaign – and its drive for money to buy elections – is constant.

There are lots of ways and lots of time for Sen. Blumenthal to raise money for his re-election campaign before 2016.

Using the “horror” of the “massacre of 20 beautiful children” at a time when critical legislation honoring their memory is at stake to beg for $5 for your next political campaign is as tasteless as it gets.

 If there really is karma in this world, Blumenthal will lose that reelection campaign funded with a tasteless fundraiser.