Until today Rep. Jose Serrano’s (D., N.Y.) claim to fame is he wanted the 22nd amendment repealed so Barack Obama could run for a third term.

Today Serrano said the house couldn’t cut the IRS budget because the less the money the agency got the more the agency would break the law:

SERRANO: Third, we need to have a serious discussion about funding levels at the IRS. This subcommittee has been given an allocation of $16.9 billion for fiscal year 2014, which is almost $3 billion below the current sequester-impacted level. Undoubtedly, this is going to result in massive cuts to the IRS and many other federal agencies. While there are certainly efficiencies that can occur, the conference spending issue comes to mind. The IRS simply cannot sustain itself with this overall funding level. Although I am certain there are some who would view this as a good step, I disagree. There is no clearer way to promote more scandals than by cutting funding that could be used for oversight, training and reform. At the level this subcommittee is funded right now, we’re just asking for more trouble at the IRS and elsewhere.

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That has to be one of the craziest argument against budget cuts ever made…even by a progressive.  Rep Jose Serrano is basically saying that we can’t cut money from any agency else the agency will break the law.

A better Idea would be if no one in Washington D.C. told the IRS to break the law.

The real truth is that nothing is a better argument for cutting the size of the IRS than the scandal being revealed right now.  This one agency has too much power over our lives and represents a huge threat to our freedoms. If anything the IRS budget should be cut even more.  What needs to happen is the tax code needs to be simplified so the entire agency can be cut.

Once that is done perhaps NY-15 can be redistricted out of existence after when you consider Chuck Schumer and Steve Israel the Empire State has already provided its fare share of clowns to Congress.