Last night the Democratic party said to hell with America and passed the Pelosi version of the Obamacare  bill by a razor thin margin. The final vote was 220-215, with one Republican, Rep. Joseph Cao (R-La.),voting for the bill, 39 Democrats voted against the legislation.

Most polls ( those not run by the daily Kos) show that anywhere from 55-60% of the American people did not want this form of health care legislation passed. But the Democratic party does not care what the people think.

The health care bill passed by the House took another step towards transferring power over over our own lives from individuals to bureaucrats in Washington and would dramatically shift America’s health care system from one that is largely private to one that is subordinated to government control. Heck, this bill even controls vending machines (does anybody you know go to a vending machine for an apple?). 

The addition of the public plan, a new federal health care entitlement, would add to the crushing tax burden Americans already face from exiting entitlements.The CBO reports the House bill would cost $1.8 trillion, and would raise Americans’ taxes by $1.1 trillion over that period.  Even worse, millions of Americans would be pushed out of their existing health care coverage, not by the government but by their employers.

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The bill would create massive bureaucracy. In total there are 111 new bureaucracies created by this bill.  Under the bill, the new health care commissioner would in fact become a health care czar. This bureaucrat would exercise unprecedented power over the kinds of benefits and medical services available to individuals and families.

Contrary to the promises of the President, the House bill would impose new taxes on all Americans regardless of class or income. The employer mandate and the individual mandate would tax the middle class. While the country is trying to recover from a deep and dangerous recession, it is ironic that the day after the jobless rate officially reached 10.2% that Congress would pass a bill slowing the economy even further, imposing more taxes on individuals and businesses.

The good news is the battle is not over. There is consensus in the U.S. for serious reform of the health care system. The battle to save America from a government takeover of our turns to the Senate.

It is less than one year to election day, to all those who voted for this bill over the objections of the people they serve, election day 2010 should be the day they lose their jobs.

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