Pelosi followed that despicable effort by encouraging her constituents to visit San Francisco’s Chinatown in late February – after President Trump banned travel from China to try and stop the spread of the disease.

She would go on to blame Trump solely for the deaths of Americans at the hands of COVID.

Today you see Republican congressional leaders failing to take the American people’s concerns over election fraud seriously.

Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Majority Leader, congratulated Joe Biden for winning the presidential election earlier this month and urged his colleagues to accept him as the President-elect.

President Trump responded by giving McConnell a lesson on the mood of the American people.

“Too soon to give up. Republican Party must finally learn to fight,” he tweeted to the GOP leader. “People are angry!”

People are still angry, hence the used car salesperson rating for Congress.

Journalists Ethics Aren’t Too Hot Either.

While Congress is looked down upon by Americans in both parties, journalists’ ethics are viewed drastically different by Democrats and Republicans.

The only reason the media gets a 28 percent rating is because they are trusted by the left. Which is, of course, no surprise since a vast majority of journalists are card-carrying, bed-wetting liberals. The Gallup poll shows only 5 percent of Republicans rate the ethics and honesty of journalists highly, while nearly half – 48 percent of Democrats – give them high marks.

Come to think of it, that mark for Democrats is astonishingly low, considering the mainstream media almost singlehandedly gave the presidential election to Joe Biden.

A study conducted by the Media Research Center just weeks after the election suggests biased media coverage may have tilted the results in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.

It shows that a very significant 17% of Biden voters would have abandoned the candidate if their knowledge of the issues had been different on matters such as his sexual assault allegation or his son Hunter Biden’s scandal involving shady business deals.

  • December 31: China reports the discovery of the CoronaVirus to the World Health Organization.
  • January 6: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a travel notice for Wuhan, China, due to the spreading “pneumonia” cluster.
  • January 7: The CDC established a CoronaVirus incident management system to better share and respond to information about the virus.
  • January 9: The NY Times publishes its first report on CoronaVirus, saying, “There’s no evidence that the virus, a CoronaVirus, is readily spread by humans, and it has not been tied to any deaths. “That was accurate for the time, as we will eventually learn it was totally wrong.
  • January 11: The CDC issued a Level I travel health notice for Wuhan, China.
  • January 12: The WHO announces COVID is not transferable from human to human.
  • January 14: The WHO doubles-down. Says no human to human transmission on Twitter,
  • January 16: The impeachment trial in the Senate beginsDemocrats put their party before the virus.
  • January 17: The CDC announces they will begin implementing public health entry screening at the 3 U.S. airports that received the most travelers from Wuhan – San Francisco, New York JFK, and Los Angeles.
  • January 21: The CDC activated its emergency operations center to provide ongoing support to the CoronaVirus response.
  • January 22: The WHO changes its mind announces that COVID can be transmitted from human to human
  • January 23: The CDC sought a “special emergency authorization” from the FDA to allow states to use its newly developed CoronaVirus test.
  • January 27: The CDC issued a level 3 travel health notice urging Americans to avoid all nonessential travel to China due to the CoronaVirus —Another message to America that COVID is serious.
  • January 27: Biden’s handlers published an op-ed from Biden in USA Today. Per The Washington Post Fact Checker, the op-ed “did not say COVID was a pandemic, only that it was a possibility.” The article was more of an attack on President Trump and didn’t include a detailed plan for action against a possible pandemic.”
  • January 28: Per Woodward at a secret intelligence briefing, national security adviser Robert O’Brien gave Trump warning about the virus, telling the President it would be the “biggest national security threat”
  • January 29: The White House announced the formation of the Coronavirus Task Force.
  • January 29: First reported case of CoronaVirus in the U.S.
  • January 31: The Trump administration declared the CoronaVirus a public health emergency. Trump announced the China travel ban. Each of these actions should have told the public COVID-19 was an enormously big deal.
  • January 30 – Biden Public Health Advisory Committee member Dr. Zeke Emanuel says, “Everyone in America should take a very big breath, slow down, and stop panicking and being hysterical. We are having a little too much histrionics on this… And people should remember not to panic… And the best thing we have is the seasonality. It’s going to go down as spring comes up.”
  • January 31 – Speaking at a campaign town hall in Iowa shortly after the Trump Administration announced restrictions on travel from China, Biden brought up the CoronaVirus and suggests President Trump is not acting “rationally.” “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia – hysterical xenophobia – and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science,” says Biden.
  • February 1 – Biden tweets about the CoronaVirus, again accusing President Trump of “hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering.”
  • February 1 – Speaking at a campaign town hall in Iowa, Biden brought up the CoronaVirus and says, “we don’t know exactly where it’s going to go yet.” He again implicitly criticized President Trump’s restrictions on travel from China by saying, “Disease has no borders.”
  • February 4: President Trump vowed in his State of the Union Address to “take all necessary steps” to protect Americans from the CoronaVirus–Pelosi ripped up her copy.
  • February 5: The Senate votes to acquit President Trump, the impeachment farce ends.

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congress journalists dishonest unethical

congress journalists dishonest unethical

congress journalists dishonest unethical


congress journalists dishonest unethical