A funny thing happened while I was taking my Shabbos nap the other day, Mr. Media Matters himself, Eric Boehlert read one of my posts. Exciting right? I mean it’s not as cool as when Andrew Breitbart takes one of my posts from one of the “Bigs”  and puts it on his refrigerator, but it’s still pretty cool.
I was a bit surprised though when he said I wrote a”Jew-bashing”post. Particularly when one realizes my nickname “Yid With Lid” is slang for Jew wearing a yarmulke. The nickname stems from the fact that I am relatively observant of Jewish customs and religious ritual.

The Media Matters big-shot was talking specifically about a post called, Obama Forming an “I Really Love Israel” PR Squad To Try and Rescue Jewish Vote, an article where I criticized:

“…some low-level Jewish players have decided to seal their place in the progressive movement rather than act for the best interests of both the United States and its valuable Mid-East ally,  Israel.”
After giving it some thought I realized that Eric Boehlert may be correct, maybe I am a Jew-basher.  I don’t bash all Jews, only  ones who allow themselves to be used as tools of people who want to hurt other Jews (and some of the Jews on my wife’s side but I don’t write about them).  Interestingly most of the Jews I bash are associated with Eric Boehlert or his Jewish sugar-daddy George Soros.

Take for example, M.J. Rosenberg. Rosenberg employs anti-Semitic buzz words that seem to come right out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He writes about the “pro-Israel lobby,” controlling government decisions, a nice way to say that the Jews control the government; he complains that you can’t write anti-Israel pieces in the media, a nice way to say the Jews control the media; and uses the word “neocon” as a nice way to say “those dammed Jews.”

Who pays Rosenberg to spew his hate?  Eric Boehlert and Media Matters for America pay Mr. Rosenberg (with the help of George Soros and the U.S. Government).

Maybe I am a serial Jew basher, after all via my blog The Lid, I’ve been bashing Boehlert’s sugar-daddy George Soros for years, ever since his anti-Israel article in the NY Review of Books in 2007. That’s  when he spewed the anti-Semitic meme that the powerful Israel Lobby, those damned Jooooze, were preventing peace in the Middle East.
 In fact years before Glenn Beck talked about it, this site was explaining about how Soros helped the Nazi’s as a teenager and called it the best time of his life. At the same time we talked about how Soros was pushing the new Barak Obama to stay on his anti-Israel path.

Now that I think about it, there are times when my bashing was directed against big groups of Jews, like the George Soros funded J-Street.

Until the election of Barack Obama J-Street was generally ignored by mainstream Israel advocates because its views generally did not take into consideration the safety of Israel. Indeed many (including me) have called the group anti-Israel. Obama tried to raise the profile of J-Street because they shared his negative perception of the Jewish State.

During the conflict with Hamas at the end of 2008, which was a response to thousands of missiles sent into Israeli civilian areas, J Street called Israel’s “escalation in Gaza counterproductive” saying it was “disproportionate.” The Soros-funded group also made a moral equivalency argument between the policies of Israel and Hamas, stating they found difficulty in distinguishing “between who is right and who is wrong” and “picking a side.” Of course, they were ignoring the years of Gaza terrorism and the fact that Israel left the territory years before.

The group has felt my wrath because they advocated that the US negotiate with the terrorist group intent on destroying Israel, Hamas.

I bashed the entire J-Street group as they advocated for Hamas and fought the Congressional move to place additional sanctions on Iran.

My Jew-bashing even was directed toward the George Soros funded, Jewish Funds For Justice when they made false charges of Antisemitism against Glenn Beck and then two weeks later when they rounded up 400 Left-Wing Rabbis and published an anti-Beck letter in the Wall Street Journal.

The Rabbinical letter broke the Jewish laws against loshen hora (evil speech). Using Jewish Law, something the 400 progressive Rabbis should have been practicing, I explained how before they could make charges against Beck as they did in the letter, the Rabbis had to   among other things, research the veracity of the accusations and examine the motivation of the accuser. Jews are taught that even if charges are true (which was not the case this time) in the vast majority of cases there is a command to keep   that kind of talk to themselves. Because of ignoring the rules they were supposed to be teaching, the 400 “teachers” brought shame upon themselves, their holy profession, the entire Jewish people, and even worse, have committed a Chillul Hashem (desecration of God’s name).

Put it all together and you realize that Eric Boehlert is right (sort of). I am a Jew-basher.  I bash Jews who use their Jewishness as an excuse to abandon Jewish law, to slander the Jewish people with anti-Semitic memes, or to de-legitimize the Jewish State.

A day after his original charge Eric Boehlert asked a follow-up question

Boehlert is referring to this line the original post:
I am at a loss at how these how these modern day Kapos-in training will be able to convince people of the President is really a buddy of the Jewish State.
The answer is no, I am not embarrassed.  I do wonder if Boehlert is embarrassed by the fact that he needs some remedial reading and history classes.  My use of the word these means I was not talking about all of Obama’s Jewish supporters, just the four mentioned in the piece. As far as the use of the word kapo, all not all concentration camp inmates were kapos. A kapo was a prisoner who worked inside German Nazi concentration camps in lower administrative positions.  The reason for the disparagement of the kapo is many of them were very brutal to their fellow camp inmates. So Boehlert’s comparison of kapos to concentration camp victims is an insult to those victims.

What is an even bigger insult to the memory of the Holocaust is that Boehlert, who works for someone who spreads anti-Semitic stereotypes ,and employs someone who spreads anti-Semitic stereotypes has the nerve to even mention the Holocaust.

Boehlert has the nerve to imply that I am misusing the memory of the Holocaust when his puppet-master George Soros uses the term Nazi as often as he changes his shorts.

As he does here comparing George Bush to the Nazis

Or here as he says Fox News uses Nazi  propaganda tactics:

The truth is, Eric Boehlert is part of the propaganda arm of a Jew-bashing machine.  Most of these Jew-slandering, Israel-bashing Jews described above are connected to Media Matters and/or with their sugar-daddy  George Soros.  Others like the Jews involved with “David Axelrod’s Jewish PR Squad” are connected to the most anti-Israel President in American history, who has almost singlehandedly destroyed the economy of the United States. Both the Soros connected Jewish pawns and the pawns of the Obama campaign are willing to put their status in the progressive world before the good of their people, Israel, and most importantly the needs of the United States.  And for that reason those Jews earned their bashing.

As a senior member of the Soros Jew-bashing machine, Eric Boehlert’s disingenuous actions as some sort of Holocaust police is quite frankly disgusting, and it is he should be ashamed of himself. Sadly if his work with Media Matters for America has proven anything, Boehlert will never be ashamed of himself because Boehlert like most of the Soros-run hit squad,  has no shame.