Two separate stories in today’s Jerusalem Post caught my eye this morning. I think the reason they caught my eye because that in a “perfect” world, they would have been part of the same article (actually in a really perfect world the articles wouldn’t even have been written so maybe its only an “almost perfect” world).

The first report was of an additional three Kassam’s sent toward Israel by Mr. Abbas’ stooges. And as a special “bonus” two bombs were found and detonated. I believe this brings the total number terrorist missiles fired in the “Cease-Fire” War to over 90.

Three Kassams hit W. Negev; IDF troops find two bombs

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Kassam rockets were fired at Friday from the Gaza Strip at southern Israel, as IDF troops operating in Gaza and the West Bank discovered and safely detonated two bombs. Three Kassam rockets landed in the western Negev in under two hours on Friday afternoon. No one was wounded and no damage resulted from any of the hits. Near the Gaza-Israel border fence, IDF soldiers discovered a 12-kilogram bomb. Sappers detonated the device in a controlled explosion, and no one was wounded. Another bomb was discovered In the West Bank. Sappers destroyed the 35-kg. bomb without incident. No damage was caused by either of the two devices.

The second article talks about Condi Rice’s visit to the PA. It says that she is going to sit down with the “Moderate” terrorist and suggest some peace ideas with him.

Rice to propose ‘new ideas’ to Abbas
Condoleezza Rice is set to propose “new ideas” to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas during her trip to the region, according to a statement released by officials from the PA chairman’s office on Friday. In addition, Abbas is due to suggest an alternate plan for the establishment of a Palestinian state, namely, a temporary state in accordance with the route of the security fence, the officials said.

Hey Condi I have a suggestion for one of your “New Ideas.” Why don’t you tell him to stop firing the “effing” missiles at Israeli citizens. Or maybe you can suggest that he avoid statements like the on from the rally yesterday. “We will not give up our principles, and we have said that rifles should be directed against the occupation,” Abbas was quoted as saying by the Jerusalem Post.

ENOUGH ALREADY !!! ABBAS IS A TERRORIST NOT A MODERATE. He is ordering the missile fire, he is directing the suicide bombers, he is saying he wants peace publicly and ordering war behind the US’s back. CONDI STOP BEING A STOOGE; SUGGEST TO ABBAS THAT HE STOP BEING A MADMAN AND START BEING A PEACE MAKER.