Americans For Tax Reform Put together a great chart comparing the tax plans of the six GOP contenders to Obama (see below). There are some policies that jump out to the reader.

For example

  • Romney and Paul are proposing the highest top individual tax rates (next to Obama). Romney and Huntsman the highest corporate tax (but both are 10% lower than Obama). On the other hand, it is Gingrich proposing the lowest tax rates for both the individual and corporations.
  • The only GOP candidates proposing capital gains taxes are Santorum and Romney, and the only one proposing to keep the Death Tax is Huntsman.
Granted, I haven’t fully analyzed the attached but on first glance it seems that all of the plans are better than we have now, but the Gingrich plan most aggressively cuts taxes. One would expect that the  Romney and Huntsman  plans would have the fewest cuts.I was a bit surprised that the “most conservative” candidate Rick Santorum did not have the lowest tax rates.  
Take a look at this chart and make your own decisions.

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