CNN is slanting its Middle East coverage again.

Driving home yesterday, I was listening to Fox. Its lead story was Bush saying Israel has right to defend itself. The commentators kept talking about how Bush felt that Israel is justified in defending itself. Fox Also drove home the point that since Israel was out of Gaza and out of Lebanon these groups were showing their true goals…the destruction of Israel.

After an hour I switch to Wolf Blitzer (The Son of Holocaust Survivors). Forgetting both fairness and his heritage, he leads with and out of context Condoleezza Rice statement saying that Israel must show restraint.

Later, on Hannity and Combs, Newt Gingrich was a guest. He made the important point that Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese Govt. (they have members in the cabinet) he also said that if Canada was Bombing Buffalo NY, The US would not stop until the bombers and their equipment were destroyed, Gingrich criticized the media,” its never considered terror when an Israeli dies” And talks aren’t needed, “The worldwide war on Terror cannot be won until both of these groups are destroyed.”

Again I switched to the other end of the dial on CNN. Again their was a Jew forgetting his heritage and slanting the news. Larry King had on 3 State Dept Arabists, the Syrian Ambassador, Palestinian government spokesman towards the end of the show, three minutes with a Young Israeli Colonel. They all (Except the overmatched Israeli) drove home the point that the Lebanese govt. is impotent in helping solve the problem (not mentioning that Hezbollah is part of the Govt.) The indicated that because Bush wouldn’t talk to these terrorist groups, the US has no contacts to help make peace, and that Israel is over reacting.

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It is key for all of us and others in the Diaspora, to help Israel by noting the slanted coverage and write the news outlets and let them know we see their skewed coverage and we demand fairness.

Hezbollah Fires Rockets Into Kiryat Shmona

Three Katyusha rockets landed in Kiryat Shmona, the city’s municipality reported on Friday afternoon. No injuries were reported.

Two of the rockets fell east of the Hula Textile factory, while a third landed in a residential neighborhood. Firefighters were working to control the flames.

If Kiryat Shemona sounds familiar it should. It was the site of a horrible massacre by Yassir Arafats PLO (the folks that put “moderate” Abbas into power)

On April 11, 1974, a team of three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command penetrated the Israeli border town of Kiryat Shmona from Lebanon. Although they had apparently been instructed to take hostages, they instead entered an apartment building and killed all eighteen residents they found there, including nine children. The terrorists then barricaded themselves in one of the apartments and were eventually killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli forces. Unfortanatly Lebanon is letting the terroist using their territory again!