Those of you who drive gas guzzling cars and turn your air conditioners on high on hot days, I hope you are feeling proud of yourselves, because according to the U.K. Guardian Newspaper its your fault that Boko Haram kidnapped all those girls, and killed thousands of people, because now the global warming crazies are blaming the rise of Boko Haram on global warming.

But while condemnations have rightly been forthcoming from a whole range of senior figures from celebrities to government officials, less attention has been paid to the roots of the crisis.

Instability in Nigeria, however, has been growing steadily over the last decade – and one reason is climate change. In 2009, a UK Department for International Development (Dfid) study warned that climate change could contribute to increasing resource shortages in the country due to land scarcity from desertification, water shortages, and mounting crop failures.

A more recent study by the Congressionally-funded US Institute for Peace confirmed a “basic causal mechanism” that “links climate change with violence in Nigeria.” The report concludes:

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“…poor responses to climatic shifts create shortages of resources such as land and water. Shortages are followed by negative secondary impacts, such as more sickness, hunger, and joblessness. Poor responses to these, in turn, open the door to conflict.”

Unfortunately, a business-as-usual scenario sees Nigeria’s climate undergoing “growing shifts in temperature, rainfall, storms, and sea levels throughout the twenty-first century. Poor adaptive responses to these shifts could help fuel violent conflict in some areas of the country.”

According to the late Prof Sabo Bako of Ahmadu Bello University, the 1980s “forerunner” to Boko Haram was the Maitatsine sect in northern Nigeria, whose members included many victims of ecological disasters leaving them in “a chaotic state of absolute poverty and social dislocation in search of food, water, shelter, jobs, and means of livelihood.”

Of course if you ask someone whose judgment wasn’t skewed by global warming disease they would have a different reason behind the formation of the Boko Haram terrorists:

The wide-scale kleptocracy of the Nigerian government, which is accused of pilfering billions of dollars of oil revenues and having spawned a massively corrupt civil service, may have played a role in giving birth to Boko Haram, the group behind the kidnappings of nearly 300 schoolgirls, experts say.

Sarah Chayes, a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, studied the links between systemic corruption in governments around the world and the emergence of extremist insurgencies. She said all those countries, including Nigeria, were run by a kleptocratic clique.

“Many Nigerians suggest the emergence of Boko Haram was in part a reaction to this systematized corruption,” Chayes wrote in an op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times.

“Corruption, in other words, has security implications.”

Sadly, these climate change adherents will find a way to blame any tragedy on their failed theory, hurricane Sandy, The Philippines typhoon, for example. These pseudo-scientists stand on the backs of the dead, injured, their family, mourners in a cynical attempt to push their unproven theory. Now their latest disgusting display is to associate their climate hokum with the kidnapping of more than 200 girls….that is pretty disgusting even for the global warming moonbats. They should be ashamed of themselves.