Now I understand why the climate change crazies try to cut off all debate on their unproven hypothesis. So many of their leading supporters are frothing at the mouth, over the line, nucking futz! Witness biologist Sandra Steingraber, the woman who receives some the credit for convincing Cuban traveler, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to ban fracking in the People’s Republic of NY.  According to MS. Steingraber the only jobs for women created by fracking are for hookers and maids.

Ms. Steingraber is a biologist but that doesn’t prevent her from speaking as an expert in geology, climate science, and economics.

In an April 6 lecture at the University of Pittsburgh, biologist Sandra Steingraber of New Yorkers Against Fracking described the fight over oil and natural gas development as a feminist issue.

“Fracking as an industry serves men. Ninety-five percent of the people employed in the gas fields are men. When we talk about jobs, we’re talking about jobs for men, and we need to say that,” said Ms. Steingraber

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“The jobs for women are ‘hotel maid’ and ‘prostitute,’” she says. “So when fracking comes into a community, what we see is that women take a big hit, especially single women who have children who depend on rental housing.”

The first and most important problem with Ms. Steingraber’s rant is that her facts are way off base:

Supporters of the industry swung back by citing a 2014 report from the American Petroleum Institute, which found that women filled 226,000 oil, gas and petrochemical industry jobs, or 19 percent.

The report predicts job opportunities will grow for female and male petroleum engineers, managers and others by 70,000 from 2010 to 20130.

“[W]omen are employed across all job categories, including professional and managerial, office and support, and blue-collar,” said the report.

Ms. Steingraber’s comments come amid a push by environmental groups to cast hydraulic fracturing as part of the “war on women,” which industry critics dismiss as the latest anti-fracking tactic. Foes have also blamed fracking for an increase in bar fights and drug abuse.

In North Dakota, the industry has built so-called “man camps” for workers unable to find housing in the state’s sparsely populated western half, which may have contributed to the perception of the industry as a men-only field.

The second mistake this practitioner of nut-job economics makes is fracking creates jobs outside of the fracking industry.  The slight period of economic growth we had late last year and early this year can be attributed to the lower energy costs created mostly by fracking. Lower energy costs put more money in people’s pockets they spend more which invigorates the economy (both men and women).