Neil Cavuto usually ends his daily Fox News program with a rant/commentary, but today he was bursting with anger and had to bloviate at the beginning of ‘Your With Neil Cavuto.”  Earlier today a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi a question using the term illegal alien, and Pelosi corrected her saying, “You mean undocumented person? That set Cavuto off:

Nancy, what part of illegal bothers you? Doesn’t undocumented mean illegal? If you don’t have documents, doesn’t that mean you don’t have them for a reason and might that reason be because, oh I don’t know…that you’re illegal?

And don’t illegals not get documents because they’re not legal? Legal citizens get legal documents. Illegal citizens don’t get legal documents because like I said, they’re not legal and the documents are for folks who are legal. So if they’re undocumented, that means that they’re unable to get legal documents which must mean that they’re illegal and not entitled to any such documents. Unless and of course you, Nancy, and maybe the President have other plans.

I don’t know. It’s hard to say. This much it’s not. When those who make our laws twist what makes someone a lawful citizen, what else are they twisting? What else Nancy are you twisting? What other laws are you avoiding or just evading by just pretending there are no laws, there are no rules, there are no standards, there are no boundaries.

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If you with wave with a wand new ways to characterize millions who are illegally here, what do you call the others, documented Americans? Because all this time, silly me I just thought they were Americans.

Nancy, you might not the like the term illegal, but if you snuck into this country and did an end run around the laws of the country, you broke the laws of this country, that does not make you a bad person here, but it does make you person who should not be here. Because when you break our laws I hate to break it to you Nancy, you are a law breaker, you are not legally here you are illegally here. You are an illegal alien here.

So let me say those words again because they are getting to be as rare as Washington Redskins; Illegal alien, illegal alien, illegal alien. That’s what you are here when you have no documents, you have no right here, you have no rights here, because again you shouldn’t be here. So you are entitled to nothing here.

This isn’t about saying things that, well just might offend you, Nancy. This is about something called our Constitution and honoring it, Nancy.

Now I know why it is so tough for you to call terrorism what it is. Think about it. You can’t even muster the words to call millions who shouldn’t even be here what they are they’re not undocumented. But I’m beginning to wonder whether some of you guys are just unhinged. Because this isn’t about millions of illegals not having papers, no offense Nancy, this is about you not having anything approaching a clue. Sorry I went on there, but, man, oh, man, what is going on? 


Cavuto is right this use of undocumented immigrant talk is just stupid, especially if you continue with her logic:
  • That ISIS animal who shows up on the videos cutting off the heads of innocents, is he an Illegal executioner?
  • If I kidnap a child and I am asked to prove via a birth certificate whether the kid is mine or not, am I an undocumented parent?
  • If a judge takes away my drivers license and I continue to drive am I an undocumented driver?
  • If someone breaks into my house are they an undocumented resident or are they criminally trespassing.
You get what I am saying.  If the progressives really hate the term “Illegal Alien” then allow me to suggest a different term, “Criminally Trespassing Alien.”